How To Pass All Of Your Classes (Without Working Yourself Too Hard)

Student passed out on library desk
This is Joey. Joey worked himself too hard. Don't be a Joey. Source: Joey Clinton

Written by Ashley Chaney. Media by Joey Clinton.

Student passed out on library desk
This is Joey. Joey worked himself too hard. Don’t be a Joey. Source: Joey Clinton

The start of a new semester can be an exciting, yet intimidating, tightrope-walk for many students. From balancing the many assignments and exams to working a job, while also attempting to have a social life, it can be difficult to get back in the swing of things in order to succeed throughout the semester. In order for students to do well, it’s vital that they make (and stick to) a well-thought plan for their semester.

Greenville University has an office on campus dedicated specifically to helping students succeed. This office is called the Student Success Office, and is located on the main floor of Ruby E. Dare Library.

Marcos Gilmore, Dean of Student Success. Source: Greenville University

Marcos Gilmore, the Dean of Student Success, offered some helpful tips on how students can best set themselves up for success during the semester. He says, “Do the things you can take care of/manage. This means going to class, doing your homework, and being prepared.” Essentially, the easiest part of being on a road to success is first and foremost showing up to class. To solidify that fact, Mr. Gilmore also says, “Not in all classes, but if you’re just showing up every day and doing the work, the likelihood of failing a class is very low. Don’t let any zeroes appear on your grade report.”

Basically, if you are struggling in a class at any point in the semester, do not give up, because even if you don’t get the grade you want if you are putting in the work it is unlikely that you will fail your courses.

What if you have shown up, done the work, and are still struggling to get ahead? Or, alternatively, what if you just want someone to help you make a plan for success early on in the semester? Well, Student Success has many (free) resources available to help with studying, planning, and general academic assistance. The first of these resources is tutoring.

Student tutors are available Sunday through Thursday evenings for most general education courses, and also some major-specific courses. They are available to help with homework, studying for tests, and answer any questions you may have about course materials.

Another resource offered through the Student Success office is Academic Coaching. Coaches will give you studying tips and help you learn how to better manage your time—offering a helpful outsider’s perspective on your schedule.

Erika Naes Source: Greenville University

If seeing a tutor or academic coach is something you are interested in, you can get individual tutor schedules by emailing Student Success, or by checking the sign outside their offices in the library.

Erika Naes, also located in Student Success, maintains the important role of helping students plan out their academic career. If you are not sure what you want to major in or if you need help planning out your future course schedules, Erika is the person to see.

Kelli Pryor Source: Greenville University

If you are a junior or senior looking for an internship or wanting help with any job/career preparation, Kelli Pryor is also available to help with all your career needs. She is a great resource to utilize if you feel overwhelmed when thinking about your future. She can be a valuable asset for resume and cover letter writing and can answer just about any on/off campus job questions you may have.

With all the great (and again, free) resources the GU Student Success office offers, there’s no reason why a student would be unable to excel this spring semester. From the staff, student workers, tutors, and academic coaches, there are countless people who are happy to assist with all your semester planning and will even help see that you continue to succeed throughout the rest of your time at Greenville.

Start the 2018 Spring Semester off strong, make a plan, and give this semester all you’ve got. When it comes down to it, first just show up, then do the work—you won’t regret it!


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