Bald Perspective Episode 6: Metal Elitism

Written by Dylan Deppe. Produced by Matthew Stoddard.

Previously on the Bald Perspective, Matt and Deppe were joined by super friends Ben Casey and Deryk Rumbold to talk about how cool The Artist Formerly Known as Prince is, and the fantastic catalog of music, film, and aesthetic he left behind.  In that episode, the bald crew ran longer than expected.  The rest of that conversation can be found here.

In this tail portion, we talk about elitism in the heavy metal fan communities.  Throughout heavy metal’s almost 50-year lifespan, a large variety of stylistic takes and subgenres have emerged.  With passions regarding metal running quite high, some of the different approaches to metal have been faced with scrutiny from different fan bases.  The distaste of various forms of metal have led to what fans have generally coined, metal elitism.

Along with our thoughts and stories on metal elitism, Matt shares stories about some of his favorite concert attendances, and we talk about classic metal band Judas Priest releasing their 18th studio album, “Firepower.”



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