20 Greatest Superhero Movies Ever: Part Four

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Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by Joey Clinton.

Can’t find anything to watch? Destroyed your TV in frustration? Don’t give up! Keep reading, we’ve got the movie recommendations for you! Source: Joey Clinton

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  1. Dredd

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People call this is a rip-off of “The Raid,” but rumor has it that film actually started and rushed through production to be made a year-earlier release after hearing about this movie’s golden script. Based on 2000 AD’s “Judge Dredd,” this movie ran into even more trouble during production and release than “Justice League” did and still ended up being fantastic.

What moral grayness and heady themes “Days of Future Past” spent approximately 10 minutes on, “Dredd” milked for most of its runtime, paired with classic ‘80s humor, and some spectacular action beats. All of the grit from earlier comic-book movies, a tight script from Alex Garland, and more comic-accurate aesthetics than most superhero films proves this a stand-out film not in only the superhero multiverse, but one worthy of the action-movie pantheons. Karl Urban is also perfect as Judge Dredd.

  1. Snowpiercer

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Inspired by French publisher Casterman’s “La Transperceneige,” the film follows Captain America a guy played by Chris Evans, who leads a revolt against the social elite aboard a giant train containing the last remnants of humanity in a dystopian future. Unlike other comic-book films not by the big two, this one feels just as epic and huge, despite its simple narrative.

The film features gorgeous cinematography, distinctive sets, a great cast, and more big-boy themes than most DC or Marvel movies can toss a cube-shaped MacGuffin at. Director Bong Joon-ho is also a master of film. You haven’t lived life until you’ve seen at least this, “The Host,” or “Okja.”

  1. The Dark Knight

Remember how I called “Wonder Woman” the ultimate DC movie?  Ultimate doesn’t equal best. Featuring a great cast, shining performances, a rousing musical score, incredible cinematography, razor-sharp editing, astute direction, and a killer four-act script, “The Dark Knight” was still robbed at the 81st Academy Awards when the only Oscar it was nominated for was for “Best Supporting Actor.” Speaking of which, Heath Ledger’s Joker is probably the best movie villain ever. The interrogation scene is more hair-raising than any CGI-extravaganza of a finale typical of this genre, and the villain’s victory over our titular hero prove that this film is worlds braver and classier than most superhero films before, and definitely more than anything since.

  1. Batman Begins

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“The Dark Knight” is fantastic mainly because of its writing, directing, and acting; at the end of the day, it’s a great crime drama that just happens to feature Batman. “Batman Begins” is better because it was wholly original. It changed how we watch action movies and reboots, as well as how Hollywood makes them.

If Tim Burton’s Bat-films were expressionist paintings that brought the Caped Crusader to life, then this movie turned Batman into a Wagnerian opera. The tone of the movie is immaculate, harkening back to the old days of Hollywood when a director kept you on the edge of your seat with sounds, lights, and shapes, more than dialogue. The Batmobile chase set to Hans Zimmer’s “Molossus” is one of the most riveting action sequences ever.

  1. Superman: The Movie

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Mythologically astute, cleanly-written, as well as passionately directed, this movie is an epic for modern times and proved that a man could fly. The opening credits scene is beautifully wholesome, yet appropriately bombastic; I cry like a baby every time I see it. Christopher Nolan once said, “Superman. Super Man. A name, the very name, of heroism itself.” This movie proves every word true. You can’t deny this masterpiece, even Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has admitted that “Superman” is the inspiration behind most MCU entries.

Were you mad that “The Dark Knight” wasn’t number one? Did it bother you that “Iron Man”, “Deadpool,” “Spider-Man 2,” “Black Panther,” and neither Guardians of the Galaxy movies made it on here? Remember, movies aren’t sports; just because you don’t get number one, doesn’t mean you’re a loser. Sound off in the comments section below what would be on your list!



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