GU Fisherman: Quinten Brown

Media by Chris Brooks

Written and Media by Chris Brooks.

Recently, I got the chance to sit down and interview a fellow Greenville University fisherman, Quinten Brown. Brown is a Junior and a Digital Media Major from Staunton, Illinois. This past school year he has participated in many college tournaments with a few really good finishes. These include a 14th place finish out of 130 boats at the FLW tournament in Wisconsin this past October. Another top finish occurred when Brown caught a5.75lb bass and finished in 5th on Day One, Session Three of the Cabela’s Big Bass Bash. The following is a short interview I conducted with the fellow fisherman.

Quinten Brown waiting to weigh his fish. Media by Chris Brooks

Q: When did you start fishing?

A: As soon as I could walk I was running around with a fishing rod looking to catch me a giant.

Q: When and how got you into bass fishing competitively?

A: I’ve always loved the sport of fishing but didn’t really get into it until college. I’m an extremely competitive person and when I decided college football wasn’t my thing, I felt the need for competition.

Q: What made you come to Greenville College, now Greenville University, to fish in college?

A: I came to Greenville because of their well-known Digital Media Department. When I heard they had fishing, it seemed like all the pieces of the puzzle were coming together.

Quinten Brown holding his 5.75lb 5th place winning fish. Media by Chris Brooks

Q: As a college angler what is your major goal that you set to seek out, and where do you go from here?

A: My biggest goal is to qualify for the national championship and make connections throughout the industry so that I can pursue a career in the outdoor industry.

Q: In the next few weeks you have two tournaments—one at Kentucky Lake and the other at Vandalia Lake. How do you think you will do in these tournaments?

A: I have no reason to believe that I cannot place well or win. A positive mental attitude is everything in competition.

Q: Who are your biggest influences and why are they so?

A: My biggest influences are probably Brandon Palaniuk and Gerald Swindle. They are both legends of the sport, and they always remind me that through hard work, failure is not an option.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do outside of fishing and school?

A: I love making videos and hunting. I’m really just a big outdoorsman.

Q: What is your favorite way to fish for bass?

A: When there is a good jerk bait or flipping bite it’s hard to beat, but throwing a big topwater plug can be a sight to behold.

Q: My final question is how do you want your season to go this year, and what do you expect out of your team and yourself this year?

A: I expect myself to finish strong. I am confident in my abilities, and I’d love to see my teammates do well. We have a couple guys on the team that are some of the best anglers I know personally and will probably surpass me in the years to come.

Keep an eye out for my next article—an audio interview with GU Fisherman Ricky Huge!


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