A Day in the Life of Emma Wieland

Media by Ryan Nelson

The relationships that you form with people in college could be the relationships that last a lifetime. Greenville University student Emma Wieland impacts everyone she meets with her kind heart and easy smile. Wieland is a student-athlete, RC, and is an English Education major, yet she still always makes time for her friends and family. No matter how busy Wieland is, she always has time to help her friends if they are struggling with something.

Media by Brett Brannon

Emma Wieland is a junior at Greenville University. When asked what brought her to Greenville University she said that she was committed to a school in Wisconsin, but she felt that God was calling her to GU instead. Wieland started out as a biology education major at GU. However, literature has always been a passion of hers and after taking a class with GU professor Dr. Courtney Bailey Parker, she knew she wanted to major in English Education. Wieland loves the education department at GU and says “all the teachers are so dedicated to their jobs and I feel that I have a connection with each them, which is very beneficial for my classes and my future as an educator.”

Wieland is currently a part of GU’s residence life staff and is a resident chaplain (RC). Wieland’s favorite part of being an RC is getting to know the girls on her floor in Burritt Hall and feeling a deeper connection with all of them. Wieland feels that her fellow RC’s have all become an important part of her family. When asked what students should know about RC’s Wieland said “RC’s are not the police, we are just here to try to help guide our residents to succeed academically, mentally, and spiritually.”

Walkabout Group. Media by Mikey Ward

Wieland said that the most challenging part of being an RC are confrontations. Wieland believes that confrontations are especially challenging when they are with the people you are closest to. Seeing one of your friends breaking a rule and having to report them is something no RC wants to deal with. But students have to understand that the RC’s are only doing their jobs. RC’s are just like every other college student, they are simply working to earn money so they can afford tuition and coffee. Just because their job involves enforcing the rules, when necessary, does not mean they are lurking around every corner waiting for you to mess up.

Wieland played tennis in high school and is now on the Greenville University Women’s Tennis Team. Wieland’s favorite part about being on the tennis team is the strong bonds she has formed with her teammates. The friendships she has made with her teammates are present on and off the tennis courts.

 Media by Brett Brannon

Finding where you belong in college is something all freshmen struggle with. But freshmen year is a time for new beginnings. Wieland’s biggest piece of advice for freshmen is “Get involved! The most difficult part of freshman year for me was the beginning of the year when I did not really know anyone. Being involved really allowed me to meet a wide variety of people and I appreciate that the most this year.”

Media by Ryan Nelson.



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