Here for the Laughs: the Factory Theatre Hour

Media by: Dylan Goodyear

Located off campus, The Factory Theatre has been the host to many productions including my favorite, Company. With so many productions being held there over the year, you would think that’s all they do, but that’s not the case. A little over three years ago, the Factory Theatre Hour was started. “Consisting of a live comedy show presented as an old-time radio recording in front of a live studio audience,” You have different acts throughout the hour giving it their best to get laughs. But in order to get a better understanding of what the Factory Theatre hour is about, I asked Jack Dawdy, who with Chris Borwick, are the ones who are in charge of the Factory Theatre hour, a couple of questions about the event.

Media by: factory theatre

Since the Factory Theatre only shows productions every so often, Dawdy wanted to use the space since it was empty most of the year when productions weren’t being shown. “When we first started The Factory Theatre Hour 3 years ago, we were wanting to put something in the theatre because it hardly ever got any use, all that space was only really utilized once or twice a semester when we put on a play or a musical. We wanted to give the community something that they could come down and enjoy once a month.” With there being so many events on campus, Dawdy says that any event being held at the Factory Theatre always brings together the community. “More than any other event I’ve been to on-campus, shows at the theatre bring a diverse group of both college students and community members together to enjoy. Not only that, but it’s also created by both college students and community members. This gives us an opportunity to coexist and work with one another when we’d normally stick to our respective groups.” Certainly, I can attest to this when Dawdy says that the community does come together and when an event is being held. After seeing Company at the Factory Theatre I could see many faculty members, students, and people from the community having a good time and sharing in the laughs.

Media by: Dylan Goodyear

With the Factory Theatre hour being held once a month,¬†expect more laughs every month. “We put on The Factory Theatre Hour once a month, generally on the last Sunday of the month. Keep a look out for the posters and follow The Factory Theatre on social media to see when we’ll be putting on the show” says Dawdy. Even though it’s once a month, Dawdy expects the first show to be packed. “Our first show of the year generally gets a good turn out! I expect to fill out the theatre.” The last thing I asked Dawdy was what he expects from the performers and he said, “the performers are all going to be putting on a great show. This show, we’re not only going to be performing from our scripts, but we’ll have an improvised story section, as well as a comedy musical guest and a poetry reading (but like funny poetry). It’s going to be a blast!”

With laughs happening at every show, this is definitely the event you should check out. If you have any questions, check out the Factory Theatre’s facebook page for more information and details about upcoming events.

Media by Dylan Goodyear.


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