Sadie Robertson: An Unperfectly, Perfect Christian Example

“Si, the speed limit sign said 35. Your Goin’ 55.” -Sadie Robertson

“Oh, that’s just a suggestion.” – Si Robertson

Sadie Robertson is superb at giving advice, even though some fail to listen. In this instance, it’s her sweet-tea-loving uncle Si. You may be familiar with the humor of Si Robertson from the national television show known as Duck Dynasty. The TV Series tells the story of the Louisiana family operating a successful duck call business while staying true to the lifestyle they live as faithful Christians. Sadie at only fourteen years of age at the time wasn’t expecting the attention the show received. But the TV series was, in fact, a phenomenon. Millions of Americans quickly came to know what the Robertsons are all about. The show ended after Phil Robertson, Sadie’s grandpa, stated his strong beliefs about homosexuality. Sadie, though, told the media, “He’s my grandpa. Yeah, he’s very opinionated, but he’s my family and family sticks together.”

The family is quite the example of who to be when your goal is eternal life, but Sadie Robertson, in particular, is an impactful example to all people especially young women. The Robertson family has many claims to fame including the dynasty show as mentioned. For Sherri Hill, designing and modeling,  hosting a youtube channel, Dancing with the Stars, author of the books Live Fearless, Live Original, and Finding Freedom, and most recently the launch of her own company- Live Original. Live Original has many components of which include going on tour to speak to thousands at a time, blogging inspirational messages from herself as well as other strong believers, a bible study box, and the Whoa That’s Good podcast.

Sadie Robertson’s Book

Sadie’s accomplishments are awe-inspiring and prove her variety when it comes to talent. However, what she defines herself is not on all that she has done, but how she has done it. Rather than shouting to the world, “Look at what I am doing!” she shouts, “Look what God is doing.”

The 2 most recent tidbits that I have learned from Sadie came from her first podcast and her most recent youtube video. The podcast was an interview with Bob Goff, author of Love Does and Everybody Always. In this podcast, Goff tells Sadie, “If you want a report card on your life, just pay attention to how you treat people you disagree with.” I thought this spoke like into how Christians should live. 1 Corinthians 16:14 reads, “Do everything in love.” We are not called to love the people it’s easy to love. We are called to love all people, even those that we find it difficult to love.

Goff also advises to invite people into your life even when they come with failure. Colossians 3:13 says, “Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” We all fall down sometimes and we all make mistakes. The glory of God’s grace is with us believers and we are forgiven. So forgive others. In her latest youtube video on modesty, she says, “I don’t actually want to be a reflection of the magazines that I read. I don’t want to be a reflection of just the culture I live in. I want to be a reflection as the daughter of the king.” In today’s culture, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Sadie reminds us that God doesn’t judge us based on what others say about us. With that being said, do not worry about pleasing the world, but rather live for the Lord.

Photo by Shelbi Fisher 

For an awesome message from Sadie that’s tailored for college students, click here. Also be sure to follow Sadie on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on all the new ways she is impacting the world for the sake of Christ!

Media by Shelbi Fisher.


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