“B For 3” Brittany Lopez Player Profile

Brittany Lopez throwing an inbound pass. Media By Darrin Stewart.

The 2018-2019 basketball women have not competed in games yet this season, but players, coaches, and GU fans are ready to witness another successful year for the women’s basketball team. For this weeks article, the main focus is on a player who displays character and passion for the game she cherishes. All the way from the grand canyon state we have Brittany Lopez for this weeks player profile discussion. Lopez is from Phoenix, Arizona. Lopez came from a really tight family which made her process leaving home very hard. Lopez’s mother was not a big fan of her decision because she is her oldest daughter and has been super supportive of the rest of the family. Even so, she chose to go far from home to become more independent. Lopez explains how coming from a big city to a little one has been super frustrating at times, but she has learned to embrace her experience at Greenville University. Being far away from home has taught Lopez to appreciate her family and friends much more due to her long distant settlement. Lopez explains that she will always keep in contact with friends, family, and coaches back at home. The Lopez family is always going out of their way to check how school and basketball are going for her. With a supportive family on her back, Lopez is always playing for a purpose and has a Christ-centered alliance within herself at all times.

Lopez posing for a player profile picture.
Media By: Steven Oscar

Off the court, Lopez is really an inspiring person to talk to. She’s the type of person to help you during times of distress and anguish moments. She’s also an athlete that displays characteristics of a champion and exhibits leadership qualities here at Greenville. Lopez’s leadership role as a point guard is a key part of her personality and play style. I asked Lopez what it took to be a leader as a point guard and she briefly explains that you need to be confident and willing to be the prime example for others. “A leader needs to be trustworthy and honest,” she explains. Lopez also explains, “They also need to be consistent, caring, and respected by the rest of the team.” Lopez not only displays these qualities on the court, but she also fits those characteristics on campus and creates positive vibes whoever she interacts with.

Lopez driving towards the rim. 
Media By Abby Modaff.

Lopez also explains that in order to be an effective leader you must be willing to listen to your teammates. In particular, unselfishness is a key feature for a point guard to hold. Additionally, she describes that leaders must be able to communicate your vision and goals very well. Making time for your teammates and making sure everyone is on the same page is part of the responsibilities of a point guard. Lastly, she states that being an effective leader also consists of demonstrating to your team the long-term goals. This season when you attend a women’s basketball game, you’ll see Lopez fired up with great desire and passion for the game she loves. Click below to check out an interview with Lopez to learn more the GU women’s basketball team!


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