Sophomore Soccer Star: A.J. Jones

Greenville University Men’s Soccer team has been doing an amazing job on the field this season. Their last game was outstanding, beating Principia 2-1, making their record 11-3 overall and 3-1 in the SLIAC conference thus far. This has been accomplished with the help of two-year starter Adam Jones II, or AJ. Jones has shown the coaches his passion and dedication on the field. He came in as a new recruit and one of the starting eleven last year and is still holding a starting position in his second year. Jones’ position is called the winger, which his job is mostly for attacking. Jones has been an important part of the team returning for his second year starting for varsity knowing a lot about the program. However, he still works every day to learn more.

Adam Jones and Jeremy Castro.
Media by LC Armstrong-Washington.

St. Louis, Missouri is where Jones is originally from before coming to Greenville. The basic knowledge that Jones has for soccer is great because of the time he has spent playing. Jones still learns more about himself and the game every day in college. Off the field, Jones and the GU soccer players excel in the classroom. Most of Jones’ teammates are Pre-Med majors but Jones decided to take another route and declared to be a Business Management major. One of the main professors Jones may see often in this major is professor Jane Bell. Most teammates have said that this has been a pretty busy semester starting off, because of all the traveling and practices with soccer. During the off time, Jones likes to play Xbox and hang with his friends.

Greenville Men’s soccer team.
Media by Felicity Giddings.

This season for the GU soccer team has been going great thus far. They have a lot of potentials to continue to do great things on the field. Jones has set a goal for the season to be on an all-conference team and has been working hard to achieve this goal each game. Jones has scored 2 goals this season so far and is hoping to extend that through the duration of the season. One of the captains on the team, Edgar Bueno, is a person that Jones looks up to and admires because he is very important in their offense with creating opportunities to score. Beuno has shown pure leadership to the guys and Jones likes that about him. Jones and the soccer guys have been practicing every day making themselves better. Jones specifically has been working on his left foot in order to be versatile with both feet. Getting that skill together is very important for him this season. One of Jones’ teammates Pierre St.Vil, stated, “He is very passionate every time he steps on the field. He gives 100 percent. He is very funny when you get to know him too.”

A game that Jones is looking forward to is against Fontbonne University in the conference tournament. That game will happen at the end of the season with only 5 games remaining. The last game on the schedule is versus Eureka College on October 27th at 3:00 P.M. Come out and show your support for Jones and the men’s soccer during the next game here at Greenville vs. Webster University on October 13th at 5:00 P.M. Click below to hear an audio interview with Jones.


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