What Has Shattered Your Love Life

In today’s day and age everyone comes out of the womb holding a cellphone. Okay not literally, but basically. Everyone has a phone and carries it around as if its their baby. It’s almost impossible to think of what we did before the great and mighty cellular device was invented, but once upon a time there was a period in time when people devoted their utmost attention in relationships. The relationship of the past involved actual verbal and physical communication, now however much of that attention and communication has been lost to the 4+ inch screen in our hands. Since we have become so focused on swiping, clicking, and scrolling we don’t know anything deeper than what our partner’s Instagram page looks like.

Jeremiah Davis on his phone and ignoring Victoria Dyso.
Picture by: Di’Mond Salmond

People used to actually spend quality time together…no that does not mean sitting on the couch next to your darling on your phone! Emma Wieland said, “I have been in a relationship in which we spent all of our time on our phones…like when we went out to dinner, there was no real connection there and it did not seem like we really cared about each other.” When we place a higher value on our cellphones we lack being able to see the blessings we have before us. Instead we are looking for it in likes and comments from cyber people that don’t truly care for us.

Wait hold on…what? Melissa’s boyfriend liked Brittney’s newest selfie? Well obviously he’s cheating on you. Okay, but come on. Today’s generation says if we are in a relationship we are not to even look at the opposite sex or so god help us all, they are cheating. We jump to conclusions faster than the Flash and end up jealous when we have nothing to worry about. We then end up six years deep in Brittney’s life, knowing not only how many likes her last picture got but her social security number. “Most people have some form of social media that is very easy to access so its easy to find what you want,” Wieland says. It’s easy to see and hear what you want, and harder to confront the issue to your significant other and work things out like adults. 
Because of this unhealthy habit we have justified, social media makes it easier for us to run when things get tough.

We all know that one couple who shares sappy posts at least twice a day. We sigh, cringe, and scroll past it, yet we all can agree their relationship seems so perfect. They are in love and they never go through any rough waters or fights, so that must mean there’s something wrong with our relationship right? Wrong. Just because someone else’s relationship highs get exposed all over social media doesn’t mean they don’t have any problems. Wieland continues, “in the past that has been the reason my relationship failed. If I had been less concerned with other relationships on social media, or having my relationship look good to others, we both would have been happier.” Posting every second of our lives makes us forget to enjoy the moment. Posting a special moment lessens the magic that was shared between the two of us when we share it with the whole world. Why do that, when we could save that moment for just us and the person who means the world to us? 

“Thankfully, I have grown and learned a lot from these past relationships and the effects of social media,” Wieland ended with. So why don’t we put down our phones – hold our sweetheart’s hand instead, laugh and share our deepest, darkest secrets and wishes with them, and store those memories in our hearts instead of our social media page.

Media by:

Di’Mond Salmond


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