A Night of Worship, Community, and Live Recording

The Name Worship Event. Source: Reaghan Lesh

One night, and one night only, the Greenville University Gospel Choir held a live recording worship event called The Name. Anybody who was in the James E. Wilson Recital Hall in Whitlock on Saturday, February 16th, 2019 would agree that it was a night to remember. The Name was two hours worth of worship and community.  

Steward Styles opened up the night with a prayer and a song. Then the Greenville Gospel Choir entered the stage and graced us with an original song titled, “No One Like You.” You could feel the energy of the music surrounding you and the voices of the choir filled the entire hall, giving it life like never before.

The gospel choir continued to sing three more original songs including “Your Great Name,” “Wait,” “Cleanse Me,” and then sang a cover of “Praises” by Bethel Music. These songs featured solos by Dylan Triplett, Ivy Lyons, Marlene Saravia, Adam Lamb, and Austin Simmons.

Austin Simmons singing a solo. Source: Reaghan Lesh.

Transitioning into another set, Toni Watson sang an original song called “My Soul Says Yes.” Adam Lamb then sang a cover of “Make Room” by Jonathan McReynolds. Triplett and Chasity Cook finished the set with “Worship My Way Back To You,” another original.

Next, Pastor Shaun Williams entered the stage on a piano as he opened with the song “Reach Out,” captivating the audience. He then was accompanied by Marlene Saravia for another incredible original, “It’s Jesus.” The Gospel Choir joined Pastor Williams to sing the last two songs of the night “Alpha & Omega” by Israel & New Breed and then “Lord You’re Mighty” by Youthful Praise.

Pastor Shaun Williams taking the stage at The Name. Source: Reaghan Lesh.

At this point, everyone in the room was on their feet dancing and singing. The joy in all the hearts that were worshipping was evident. You could feel the soul and the love that the performers have for what they do, why they do it, and most importantly who they do it for. The Name provided a platform where the community could come to together to worship the Lord and meet God on a more intimate level.

Miriam Porter, the coordinator of vocal studies and a person we can thank for most of the original songs, expressed her emotion after the event:

“I’m just amazed at my students, at God’s faith in this, and at the love and support we’ve received here. I’m just undone at His goodness and these people.”

Miriam Porter and Ivy Lyons performing at The Name. Source: Reaghan Lesh.

Although what we witnessed on the stage was unforgettable, The Name was the result of some incredible behind the scenes work. Suzi Conner gave us some insight into how the live recording process was accomplished. She said that they had microphones all around the set up in the auditorium and they also had mics that ran down to Studio A, where all the recording took place.

The Gospel Choir had also recorded all the songs individually prior to the event, as well as the instruments, to get a good sound on them and then they live recorded the entire show at the event Saturday night. Conner continued to express the effort that went into the process:

“It’s a lot of work if you know anything about audio and it’s insane that they accomplished that. They’ve also been working on this project for a really long time so it’s cool they got to do it and it turned out really well. “

Adam Lamb singing “Wait.” Source: Reaghan Lesh.

Lamb also expressed his excitement after the event:

Adam Lamb

Be on the lookout for the release of the Gospel Choir’s songs and in the meantime, you can connect with them on Instagram and Facebook!


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