NF: Album 4

NF Album 4
Media by Brett Salyards.

If you listen to mainstream radio or a Christian pop or rap station, there is a good chance that you have heard NF’s music. A quickly growing rapper, NF (or Nate Feuerstein) has released multiple hit songs since his start back in 2014. With nearly nine million monthly Spotify listeners, NF shares his life with those who click the play button. However, there has been a pause in his touring and album releases.

Media by NF.

In 2014, at the age of twenty-three, NF emerged with his first ever EP. NF’s voice began to play in the ears of listeners who would hear his own style of rap based on his life experiences. Songs in this EP introduced the singer’s aggressive rap style along with some rock influences. This was just the start of his career.

One year later, NF released his debut album, “Mansion,” as he continued with producer and cinematic artist Tommee Profitt. You may have heard Profitt’s music without even knowing, as he has had songs play across television, movies, and trailers such as “The Good Doctor,” “Game of Thrones,” and “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.” Profitt has worked with numerous artists to create cinematic and epic pieces of music, also linking these artists to NF’s music. On “Mansion,” featured artists include alternative artist Fleurie and Christian & Gospel artists Jeremiah Carlson and Britt Nicole. This album contains hit tracks such as “Paralyzed” and his deep title track “Mansion.”

In 2016, NF dug deeper into his life as he revealed what he had been through and what he had continued to endure with his second album, “Therapy Session.” Through his lyrics and emotion, NF tells about his life after losing his mom to an overdose and updates us on his current life with fans and pressures from inside and outside forces. It is in this album that he states that music is an outlet for him; a form of therapy. He also explains how his music is real – that his music is what he has gone through with his own personal life experiences.

Media by NF.

Next thing you know, we are locked in a metal cell with the artist. NF’s third album, “Perception,” dropped in 2017, with multiple top songs, including the song “Let You Down.” This song became number one on pop billboard charts and has over 609 million Spotify listens today. NF broke through mainstream radio stations with this release, along with other radio-featured songs “Lie” and “If You Want Love.” In this album, we see more of NF’s real music, some dealing with relationships, and others illustrating his fight with the music industry.

The most recent releases from NF have been two singles from last year. In his single “No Name,” he continues his thoughts with his personal struggles and the music industry. Later, “WHY” was released, which speaks of his own self-awareness and questioning.

In November of last year, NF’s Facebook cover photo went black. Often times, this is a sign of new music in the works for artists. Noting that, NF has had several months without any touring, revealing his secret work in progress. Three weeks ago, NF posted a video to Instagram, saying, “This is pretty much where I live – now,” as he stands in front of a microphone. From an Instagram live video and hints from Tommee Profitt, it is certain that NF is in the studio recording new music. When will it be released? On Instagram live, NF says he honestly does not know. While it may still be a while for album four from the artist, we can expect to hear some more real music.

NF in studio for album four. Media by NF.


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