Solidarity Walk at GU

Martin Luther King Jr. Source: Reaghan Lesh

On Wednesday, February 6th, the 4th Solidarity Walk of Martin Luther King Jr was held at GU. For four years this has been a tradition for the GU campus. Martin Luther King was a social activist who played a large role in the civil rights movement in America. Therefore, we were very excited to be part of this annual walk again. At the same time, it is very important to know how everything started and the reason why this has been a tradition. I know that many of us do not know what this means or what is the reason we do this walk every year. Therefore, we are going to inform you a little about why we make this walk and how everything started.

The solidarity walk of 2019 is in honor and memory of Martin Luther King and the work he has done. It is a reminder of how much there is still to be done, and it is also a reminder for us of people who are still suffering injustices. Therefore, this walk is something GU students have done to celebrate during Black History Month in solidarity with people who are still experiencing injustices in our communities and around the world. This walk reminds us that we are not alone in the work we do to advocate for injustices on campus. This walk also offers an opportunity on our campus to remember those who have worked for social justice before us, and at the same time look beyond those who come after us.

Dr. Carter, Greenville’s new Chief Diversity Officer, speaking at
the Solidarity Walk. Source: Melissa Murillo

We believe that this type of event is very important for the GU campus. There is something very powerful in participating in this walk with others. This event brings things that our campus does not practice frequently. It reminds us that part of our call as Christians is to work for social justice wherever we are.

Michael Gonzalez: “Being part of the solidarity walk feels like we bring unity. And as the President of Mosaic, bring unity is the number one mission for Mosaic bring people from all backgrounds, genders, beliefs, and races together. We are hoping to bring a meaningful and exciting event once again to the GU campus.”

Dana Angela speaking at the Solidarity Walk at GU. Source: Melissa Murillo

Many of the universities such as Yale University, University of Tennesse, University of Texas, University of North Carolina, Indiana University, Arizona State University, Western Michigan University, and many more celebrate what is the day of MLK just like us. Many of these universities have a program in which they develop this activity. Like the GU campus, we have a group on campus that is responsible for doing this type of activity. Many of us know this as the Mosaic Multicultural Student Association. This association on campus is the one in charge of planning this walk every year.

Dana Angela: “The Vice President of Mosaic: “Being part of the solidarity walk shows a feeling of community, love, and respect for all people of all kinds, who are coming together to show what Dr. King wanted for the world, regardless of political opinion, and separation within the world” 

Mosaic Multicultural Student Association is an intentional group united to educate and celebrate cultural differences in order to bring awareness to the student body so that unity may be practiced among us and among those with whom we have contact. 

Dee Guy: “Being part of this walk is It is an acknowledgment for all those before us who went through trials and tribulations for us to be free. Not just free but they have opened the gates for us to experience the pursuit of true happiness”

We hope that now that everyone knows more about what the solidarity walk is and what Martin Luther King day is, we can consider how important it is to be part of this movement that has been going on for several years not only on the GU campus but around the country and the world. While this event is taking place I have asked several students what it means for them to be part of Martin Luther King’s solidarity walk which are all shown in the quotes above.

Source: Melissa Murillo

Media by Reaghan Lesh.


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