Speed Kills! Adereio Jones’ Journey

Jones after his meet. Media by: Daniel Martinez

Usually, a track runner will say, “I trained and worked hard,” when asked how he or she became so fast. In this situation, it is the complete opposite. Today’s interview features Maryland’s very own Aderio Jones, a Greenville University football and track & field athlete.

Jones is currently a junior and has played three football seasons with Greenville University. He is known for his explosiveness as a kick returner for the Panthers. This season, Jones racked up 396 yards in the return game playing just seven games throughout the season. Coming second in the conference in kick return yards, Jones played defensive back for the Panthers’ fierce defense, ending the season with a fairly decent amount of tackles. On the football team, he is not really known as a vocal leader, but as a one who leads by example. Many of the underclassmen go to Jones for assistance whether if it is about football or just life in general. Going into his senior season next fall, Jones has a large chip on his shoulder. He looks forward to playing against a ranked team, Wartburg College, for the home opener.

Jones warming up prior to the Panthers’ game against Northwestern.
Media by: Dana Fitch

He will use this past season as motivation to overcome the slump the team fell in. A life quote that Jones uses in his everyday life is, “Grind For The Shine.” Jones explained that the quote means that in order to be successful you have to put in the work. Jones only ran track in high school. He stated, “I would practice with the team probably only two months strictly for the practices, and didn’t even run in any of the actual meets.”

This semester is Jones’ first time actually running in a meet. He is scheduled to run the 60-meter dash. Jones is a guy who has blazing speed and quickness, but he has not even accomplished one full track season in his whole career. So how is he so fast?

Jones said, “My speed came from playing backyard football, wall squats, and being an active kid.” He called his outstanding speed, “God’s Gift.” What motivates him to be a great athlete is knowing he’s doing it for a bigger purpose. He does it for the people who never got an opportunity.

Jones and his teammates after a hard-fought win against Westminster College.
Media by: Dana Fitch

Jones has also had his own clothing brand for a few years now called “COS”, standing for “Circle Of Success.” He says, “It’s a lifestyle. You have to have a circle to be successful because nobody gets to the top alone.” Jones expressed that he has a circle and everyone has their own unique role in that circle. He has combined his COS brand with Greenville creating t-shirts, headbands, and pretty soon working on jumpsuits that are Greenville colors.

Jones would like everyone who is reading this article to support the “COS” brand because it’s a lifestyle. His very first official track meet is coming up so get excited. Jones has his eyes on the prize. Stay tuned for the good news about his upcoming meet.


  1. “ending the season with a fairly decent amount of tackles”. Make sure state in article how many tackles he made.
    Overall – good article.


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