Technology: Convenient or Handicapping? (NBA’s Smart Jersey) | What’s The Deal Ep. 3

What's The Deal?
Media by Brett Salyards

Is technology really that useful for us or is it just handicapping us? Living through both eras, with and without this type of technology, Eric Williams and Rakim Murphy discuss their reasoning behind this. With advancements in sports, they introduce NBA’s new number and name changing Smart Jersey.


  1. Eric and Rakim,
    Good job re technology. my response: The technology is either helpful or hurtful depending on the USER. There is a generation gap, no question. However, there are some issues. For example, for some reason, people have a tendency to rely on facebook, or google for truth. Unfortunately, THE TRUTH isn’t on the first page you read on-line or the last post on someone’s social media site of choice.
    Also, research is showing that students today are social but not necessarily relational. Technology has definitely influenced this behavior.
    I’m requesting a special guest: how about Coach Nehf? she can talk about her first year at GU? basketball? teaching? etc.
    Keep up the good work!


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