El Sueño Americano

Media by Melissa Murillo

People who travel to North America are always looking for the supposedly American dream, but what does it really mean for an international student to live the American dream?

In order for a foreign person to even think about the famous American Dream, they have to go through a process that most people are not aware of. If you ask anyone that is not from United State ‘how is the process to get to the States?’ somehow our stories are going to be similar since we are all looking to for that famous American dream.

As an international student, they have to be aware of all the rules and they must follow all of them. In addition, they should make sure that they are up to date with the school and the United States embassy. In order for an international student to get to the United States they have to go through the process of gathering their school transcripts, grades, vaccination records, and take exams, such as the TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) and other processes, just like a domestic student in this country would.

The only difference between a foreign student and a domestic student is that the international students have to make sure to have a student visa, which is provided by the school they have been accepted to. In addition, it is important to make sure they have proof that they can pay for the amount of time they will be in schoo.

After that, there are two appointments they must go to. One is to make sure the papers are in order and the second appointment is the visa appointment. This is the most important appointment, most of the time to get this appointment is a stroke of luck for those who are not believers and for people that do believe is the work of God’s hand.

The reason I said this is because the ones who have the authority to say yes or no is the embassy, without even caring for the person nor all the money they have spent to even get there. So, according to what they say he either flying the next week to the States or waiting six or seven months to request the visa again.

After the student has obtained their visa they have to get ready to leave and pack their whole life in maybe two suitcases and be ready to move to another country by themselves— where nobody knows them, does not speak their language, the culture, and food is so different.

After they arrive at the school they feel like they do not belong right away, people look at them differently, make comments, assume that they are from Mexico if you speak Spanish or perhaps other country according on what language you speak. In the beginning, they have to cope with all of that because they do not know who their friend might be later on. After they have settled down, they now have to figure out where everything is and more importantly how to make friends with cars because they are going to be your savior.

If they are like most of the international students that do not have cars and have to depend on others this becomes a nightmare because nobody really cares about them, If they have a real friend, does that are in extinction, hold on to them. After they have been in the country for a couple of months they start missing home and wishing to go back home. Once they have deal with all their emotions, they have to figure out where to go for breaks and how to get a job to earn money.


Like I said before if they do not have friends with cars they’re screwed. Their freshman and sophomore years are the worst, but once they have past does years thing does not get any easier, let me tell you why. An international student that is in their junior or senior years has to figure out what they are going to do next because once they are done, they need to know if they are staying in the states or not. If they are, they have to figure out where to work and apply for permission to work in the states.

Interview with Sandrine Uhomza

Once they have figured out what to do after they graduate they are closer to the American dream because now they can work in the states and have more chance to get better job opportunities. If they get to this point they maybe can say that all they have gone through was worth it.


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