Intramural Basketball: Win or Back To The Dorms??

Media By: Di'Mond Salmond
Intramural Basketball at GU

Intramural Basketball: Win or Back To The Dorms?? Greenville University Panthers

Posted by The GU Papyrus on Thursday, March 21, 2019
By: Di’Mond Salmond & Steven Oscar

Greenville intramural basketball was in session, these were to decide who would be our 2019 champions. The game featured in this video were two teams fighting for a chance to get into the championship game to play the Money Team. The Money Team was in the championship game last year, so they have experience. The two teams playing were The OG’s v.s. Jamie’s Son’s. The team that came out with the win were Jamie’s Son’s, which is a team made up of soccer players and Greenville players Rakim Murphy and Phillip Curtis. When it came to the championship game, the Money Team


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