Stranger Things Season 3: First Look

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After over a year-and-a-half of anticipation, “Stranger Things” fans finally got a taste of what they have been waiting for. The fright and drama of this Netflix Original continues with the release of the official trailer for season three, welcomed across social media on March 20. After seeing several teasers and finally getting a release date back in December, we can now see what season three is all about. However, there are some questions about returning and new characters.

The “Stranger Things” Kids in Season 1.
Source: Netflix

It was in 2016 when we first met the kids of “Stranger Things” and where we got our first scare from the Demogorgon. Flashback to the very first episode where Will Byers disappears from the normal world. It is in this season where the team of boys find a supernatural girl, Eleven, and try to hide her from their families. We also see Will’s mom, Joyce Byers, go crazy to the public eye as she hears Will’s voice and tears up her whole house to try to find him. Alongside Joyce and the boys, Jim Hopper, Jonathan, and Nancy set out into the frightening world in search of Will. Battling Demogorgons and the “bad man” from Hawkins lab, the crew revives Will from the Upside Down.

The “Stranger Things” kids in Season 2.
Source: Netflix

In 2017, season two of “Stranger Things” was added to Netflix. New characters, Max and Billy, were introduced into this season, as the events unfold around Halloween. With Will still seeing visions of the Upside Down, there is still fear for what could be unleashed. With the help of Bob, they solve a map of illustrated vines that end up being more than just drawings. We later discover that Eleven is being cared for by Hopper in the safety of his home. Rebelling, Eleven finds Kali, who pressures Eleven to use her powers for evil. Meanwhile, with Max in the crew of kids and Steve as their “dad,” they search for Dart, Dustin’s raised Demodog. The season concludes after Eleven faces the gate. In the last episode, Eleven and Mike reunite at the school dance, while others such as “Zombie Boy,” Will, find girls to dance with. The season concludes with an overlooking monster and the lyrics from “Every Breath You Take,” “I’ll be watching you.”

In the new trailer for season three, we see the previously hinted scenes at the mall and Fourth of July. We also see the drama and the relationships continue in the wary glimpses. The voiceover of the kids shows that they are growing up and may no longer want to partake in the games they had once enjoyed together. While Dustin and Steve carry out their friendship together, it seems that Eleven and Max have become friends as well. With new dangers and new enemies, season three also holds some new characters.

Eleven and Max from Season 3.
Source: Netflix
“Cute Girl” dancing with “Zombie Boy”

With the emotional loss of many lovable characters in previous seasons brings new characters to be played. While little is still known about what all will happen in season three, we get a few quick glances at some new characters. Besides the new monster and the newly recruited Cary Elwes and Jake Busey, we’ve got to question a few other characters. At the end of season two, a girl, known as “Cute Girl” in the credits, asks “Zombie Boy” (Will) to dance with her. Will she be back in season three in some form of relationship with Will? Marcelle LeBlanc, who plays “Cute Girl” might just be hinting at something on her Instagram. In a post from March 6, she writes “I had my first crush in season 2…..”. Whether this means she is returning in season three or if it involves something else, we cannot be quite sure yet. In the new trailer, we meet a cashier named Robin who works with Steve at Scoops Ahoy, who might just end up fighting the antagonist with him. It should also be noted that Billy meets a female lifeguard in the trailer as well.

Will Lucas’s sassy sister return as a help to the team? What is the homemade satellite for? Why is everybody so uneasy? It is still way too early to tell what all will happen in season three. The rest will have to wait until the release this Independence Day.

A glimpse of the “Stranger Things” team.
Source: Netflix


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