Major Upsets in March Madness

A visual representation of the March Madness results, the larger the team logo, the more wins. Source: Joey Clinton

College basketball is widely broadcasted and televised to many individuals. March Madness, which is the biggest college basketball tournament in the country, has many talented individuals that showcase their skill. While the student athletes have a moment in the sun, fans root for their favorite college basketball teams. This year has been a rocky road for some fans’ favorite teams. This year March Madness had unexpected wins that lead to differing opinions and upsets for some Greenville University students.   

The 2019 NCAA March Madness National Champions, the Virginia Cavaliers. Photo: USA Today

For the last several years teams like Villanova, North Carolina, Duke, Connecticut, Louisville, and Kentucky have been in the race to win the championship.

This year, March Madness had some incredible talent that leads their teams to great victories. Talented players like Zion William, R.J. Barrett, and Cam Reddish led their team as far as the quarter finals. Three freshmen led Duke to an ACC conference championship and contributed to the surpassing of their opponents. Ja Morant, who is an unbelievably athletic point guard, brought his team to the March Madness tournament. Morant created a lot of publicity after his outrageous scoring numbers and athletic slam dunks.

This year’s champions depended on the scoring ability of Kyle Guy, who plays for Virginia. His shooting capabilities created many opportunities for his team to pull off wins. The Virginia team, being the champions of the NCAA, is history in the making for the school program.

Many individuals have favorite teams that they cheer for every year, hoping that they achieve greatness and win a championship. Greenville University senior Adam Warren said, “This year, March Madness was very upsetting for me. I wanted Duke, North Carolina, and Michigan to at least reach the final four, but unfortunately, they didn’t. It’s really impressive to see teams like Virginia and Texas Tech make it all the way through the tournament. I didn’t expect them to get that far.”

Pictured: Aaron Wheeler, forward for Purdue, the team that the guy writing these image captions had as winning it all (and I’m still mad about it). Source: Journal&Courier

March Madness can have some unexpected results with the college teams advancing to the finals. Virginia made it far enough to make Gabe Duckett, who is a sophomore at Greenville University, excited for his team. “I went for Virginia because they have the talent with experience and chemistry.”

Duckett also added, “A lot of NBA prospect players played for a powerhouse basketball school so I expected schools who had these players to go far and potentially win the tournament.”

Many great players have come out of March Madness that have long NBA careers to this day. Players like Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Chris Webber, and Magic Johnson have played on the main stage as college athletes. These players had long careers in the NBA that lead them to many accolades. The March Madness tournament has brought out some tremendous talent from players that you sometimes don’t expect to do great things for their team.

The expectations that fans have of their teams to win games shows a lot of passion. Even if it comes down to their team not winning the March Madness tournament. There are always opportunities for teams to win the tournament later. It will be interesting to see who will win it next year!

Media by Joey Clinton.


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