Semi-famous GU students often find themselves accosted by paparazzi. Source: Joey Clinton

In the words of Co-Editor in Chief Miranda Coffee, “Yeehaw.”

You may think that you know what Greenville University looks like – a small Christian University brimming with quiet protestant youths who occasionally bang a drum or strum a guitar while singing, “Come to the table,” at the top of their lungs with four other students on a Monday morning when you’d rather be in bed – but that isn’t always true. We have a plethora of non-protestant, loud adults who read books on Scott Field sans guitar. In fact, we’ve got some legendary current GU students who have accrued some fame of their own. Here are some of the top picks.

Nina Escalante-Allen

You probably have seen this person walking around campus, sparkling personality and all, throughout the week. However, I’d bet that you’ve also seen their Instagram posts. She averages 300+ views on her Instagram per picture, and always has a caption ready to go. Her insta comes in at 2100+ followers, and she has over 800 posts that you can scroll through.

A screencap of Nina’s Insta

When asked for comment, she was surprised. “What I think got me to where I am is just being a social butterfly and talking to everyone. Fame isn’t really something that we control, but those around us do…[If] you want the so-called spotlight, then just be nice to everyone you encounter.”

Ben Isaacs

You know Ben Isaacs from the music scene on campus, and definitely have seen him walking to Whitlock at least once a day. His guitar skills are one thing, but have you seen his comedy? On the app TikTok, ben.ben.benj has a little over 1700 followers, however, some of his videos have made it to the app’s “For You” content page. A few of his videos have gained over 20k views, and his page has garnered over 81k Hearts. His yogurt video has even appeared on a few TikTok compilations, including the one below.

A Compilation featuring Ben that has over 1 million views!

When asked what advice he would give to others who want to gain fame, he replied that his advice is to, “Just do you [because] I literally just wanted to send a video to my friends and now I’m growing pretty fast on TikTok. Always keep creating. Do what you want. Have fun. Be kind. All that good stuff. Just put yourself out there.”

Nathaniel Weaver

Nathaniel is one of the many voices in Greenville University’s choir, chambers, WGRN’s LAN Connections, and so much more. While new to Greenville University in his freshman year, he is not new to Youtube. His page Riverdude Covers currently holds over 10k subscribers, with his videos averaging a few thousand views within the first 24 hours of creation. While the content may be a bit niche, his audience is stable, with his page totaling over 2.7 million views over the course of it’s creation. His highest viewed video? A JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure video with over 725k in views and 30k in likes.

Nathaniel’s comment? “I say that if you want to get famous on social media, you need to understand your audience. This comes with trial and error. I know that my audience is the meme community, and fans of the anime JoJos Bizarre Adventure. If I try to change my content, then I run the risk of losing those fans. It’s also smart not to change the core idea of what you are. You want your fans to always be able to recognize who you are, so keep things simple.” He also advised up-and-comers to stay out of politics and controversy, and to, “make your content friendly for everyone.”

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Media by Joey Clinton.


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