The Fourth Quarter

One of the goal posts at the football field. Source: Daniel Martinez

On every team, you have different leaders in many different aspects. You have those who are vocal leaders and those who lead by example. Eric Krahn is a very humble football player that leads by example. Hailing from Stagg High School, the Stockton, California product is a wide receiver and running back and he will be going into his final season of football here at Greenville.

Krahn running the ball down the field. Source: Dana Fitch

Kranh is known as the “go to guy” on the team. Whenever the team is down or in a tough situation, they just hand the ball to number 26 and he finds a way to make a play. Krahn is an electrifying player with blazing speed and intense explosiveness. He does it all for the Panther offense as he runs, catches, and even on some trick plays the Panthers draw up, he throws the ball.

He is always looking for ways to get better whether if it’s on the football field or just everyday life in general. Kranh may not be the biggest guy on the field, but in the weight room, he is stronger than some of the lineman on the team. He has put up some serious numbers on bench, squat, and power clean. Squatting 450 lbs, benching 320lbs, and power cleaning 275. These are some massive numbers from the upcoming senior.

Krahn scanning the field as he makes his way to the end zone. Source: Dana Fitch

What Kranh feels he could do to make him a better athlete is to train a lot harder and making the best out of every situation even if he may not agree on it. As the upcoming season gets closer, he knows that the team is already young and it’s getting even younger as the next freshman class comes in. He believes that he has to be a great leader and continue to lead by example. Krahn talked about how the team must be united when he said: “We have to suffer as a team and go through it as a team to make it special because we all will know what we’re going through and get better next season.”

It is rare that you get a player on your team that can do it all like Kranh. He had an outstanding junior season setting the bar high for his senior year. One of his best games was against Crown College where he erupted for four touchdowns for the Panthers, doing it both on the ground and in the air. He contributed to the win with 5 rushes for 65 yards on the ground, 2 rushing touchdowns, and pulling in 5 receptions for 104 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns.

Krahn breaking down while running the ball. Source: Dana Fitch

Last season, Kranh got 2nd team All-Conference and his ultimate goal for next season is to get first team. He wants to lead the conference in rushing, which would mean he would be playing running back a bit more. Krahn wants to continue to prove to the coaches that he can be the go-to guy. He wants an opportunity to put the team in situations to win ball games but at the same time, he just wants whatever it takes for the team to win. He believes in the slogan of putting “others over self” which is also one of the team’s core values.

After college, Kranh plans on pursuing a career in personal training, and also real estate buying homes then selling them. When asked how he feels about going into his final season of football he stated “I’m ready to leave it all out on the field and give it all I got. It’s my last year so why not go out and give it my all for my brothers?”

Krahn during pregame with his teammates. Source: Dana Fitch

He is a man who puts family first and wants them to be secure in every way possible. He also has an internship coming up over the summer. Kranh is an incredible man whether it’s on or off the field. We look forward to seeing Kranh have a breakout season and hopefully meeting his goal of earning 1st team All-Conference. Good luck Kranh and go Panthers. As the commentator would say on gameday after Krahn would score, “KRANH YOU DIG IT?!”

Media by Daniel Martinez.


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