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This past July, Greenville University tragically lost one of its student-athletes to an automobile accident. Allyson Grabowski was born on March 12, 1998, at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, and was the daughter of Jacek and Kari (Schulte) Grabowski.

Source: Allyson Grabowski’s Instagram.

Rising senior women’s volleyball athlete Allyson Grabowski was majoring in biology and chemistry. The student-athlete played a total of 99 matches throughout her career at Greenville. She was a two-year SLIAC Academic All-Conference Team member, playing for two SLIAC regular season championship teams and three SLIAC tournament championship teams while participating in three NCAA tournaments.

Grabowski, 21, of Nashville IL, had a 3.99 GPA while being a member of the Tribeta Honor Society and McAllaster Honors Program. Fellow teammate and team captain Annie Jordan says Allyson’s role was being “one of our greatest leaders on the team. Her hard work drove others to work hard too. She always was someone you could turn to to talk about something, and she helped people in their spiritual journeys more than anyone else on our team.”

Allyson Grabowski raising her hands in celebration during a match.
Ski celebrating with her team.
Source: Greenville Marketing Department.

When asking Jordan how the women’s volleyball team plans to honor Ski, the junior team captain said, “Our team will be leaving an open spot for her in our lineup for the national anthem, her name is still up in her locker, and we have shirts with her initials on them. This whole season is for her.” They team wears a shirt every day to practice and a different one for warm-ups. Wrist bands and water bottles with the “#iplay4ski” are something all volleyball players have as well. Additionally, head coach Tom Ackerman informs us that for visiting teams, GU is going to put some of her favorite snacks in their lockers and give each senior that visits a rose.

Other teams such as the GU football team have also taken to honoring Ski by placing the number 12 on their helmets. The men’s volleyball team will also honoring her as their season goes on in the Spring.

As of now, the women’s volleyball team has played a total of 14 matches and are 8-6. They are averaging 12.60 kills per set, 11.57 assists per set, and 15.38 digs per set. Just this past week, the women’s volleyball team has gone 3-0 in conference play. They defeated Webster 3-1, and won both matches against Fontbonne and Eureka 3-0. This week they are scheduled to play at Iowa Wesleyan, Blackburn, and Westminster. Their first home game of the season will be against Blackburn, October 3rd at 7 pm.

When asking Ackerman what this seasons means to him, he answered, “This is a special team and I love the way they interact. I am expecting big things and tons of growth.” So far, the women’s volleyball season seems to be meeting Coach Ackerman’s expectations in terms of conference play and honoring their teammate, Allyson Grabowski.

For those who did not know Ski, Jordan tells us, “She loved Christ, first and foremost. She put others before herself, was a dedicated friend and teammate, and worked to better herself everyday.”

Media by Hannah Krukewitt.


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