Always Down by Nighttime Safari

Media by Cole Simpson

Anywhere Nighttime Safari goes, they bring the party with them. As seen in their new music video for their song “Always Down,” Greenville University alumni Ben Barber and Peter Huston (who make up the group) have carefree energy that translates to their music. For the duo, music has been a way for them to express themselves and connect with others.

Huston (left) and Barber (right). Source: Ben Barber

Nighttime Safari was first formed by Ben Barber and Peter Huston in 2011, while they were freshmen at Greenville University. The group makes hip-hop music, originally playing with a full band, but have transitioned to a rapper-DJ duo since leaving Greenville. The duo’s main goal is to create, circulate, and construct conversation about good music with the intent of participating in culture in a way that represents the truth, while also developing an environment that celebrates music and creativity. Barber, who is the rapper of the group, takes inspiration from a variety of different artists, including Denzel Curry, XV, and Childish Gambino. Huston (who is a producer under the alias Petesnacks) draws inspiration from other producers such as Madeon, Kaytranada, and Kenny Beats

Source: LPN Media

“Always Down,” which was released last week, has been described by the group as a true anthem for those who are trying to have a good time and are up for anything. The video was directed by Adam Crouch and produced by Bri Phillips, both of whom are Greenville alumni, and it perfectly encapsulates the nonchalant attitude and energy of the song. Throughout the video, Barber raps as the peaceful environment constantly changes into a chaotic house party. Barber, who is wearing an unusual blue sequin shirt, laments about how he was forced into wearing it after losing a bet. The video seamlessly transitions from a house party to a children’s playground to a pickleball game to a library, all while Barber remains at the forefront of the scene. “Always Down” is also the first part of a new project by the group that will be made up of different songs that come together to form a whole story. The songs will be paired with a webcomic written by Barber and illustrated by Joel Beussink, another Greenville alumnus. The next part is set to come out later this week.  

Nighttime Safari was created for a group’s love of music and art, built to collaborate, encourage, and support each other to make the best music possible. Barber described how making music has allowed him to express himself while letting go of all inhibitions, explaining, “To me, music is a place where nothing can touch me. It’s a hideaway in the sky where I create the rules. It’s a release of emotions and thoughts on the tipping point, an outpouring of the soul. It’s a tool for understanding and an expansion of the imagination. Nighttime Safari is the highway between the hideaway and reality. Engaging the world and its reality and giving people a chance to join us in our getaway. Using our true form of expression with the people we care the most about.”

Source: LPN Media


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