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GU Baseball praying after the Alumni Game. (Credit: Ryan Taylor)

“Be on time. Bust your butt. Play smart. And have some laughs while you’re at it.” This quote was from one of the greatest coaches of all time, Whitey Herzog. That quote showcases how much the GU Baseball program gives all it has, especially when it comes to the senior class of the 2019-2020 season.

Strong Man Challenge that GU Baseball had last month to show all the work they put in the Fall.
(Credit: Kyle Spriggs YouTube Channel: K. Spriggs Media)

“We are very fortunate to have a great group of seniors. These are guys who have been a part of our program for 3-4 years and know what is expected of them. They are great at leading in the right direction and we couldn’t be more excited to see the impact they will have on leading this team.” This quote is from one of the most illustrious coaches that GU has ever had, Lynn Carlson. Coach Carlson has a lot of trust in the seniors we have this year.

Klaiton Wolff dominating his inning in the alumni game. (Credit: Wyatt Boyer)

These seniors include Andrew Torbeck, Austin Rexroad, CJ Falls, Grant Carman, Klaiton Wolff, Logan Murphy, Parker Lutz, Sam Alender, Sam Hodges, and Joe Wood.

These seniors do more than showcasing their talents on the diamond, but also in the classroom and with GU clubs/programs. Falls and Wolff are part of our band, and Falls is an Assistant Resident Director (ARD) for Greenville University. Alender is the Vice President of our ping pong team, performs in chapel and at some events in the Black Room. Murphy is part of the Improv team, theatre, and has his own podcast, Murph’s Pitch.

Logan Murphy pitching aggressively in the alumni game. (Credit: Wyatt Boyer)

Pitching and Assistant Coach Andy Rincker states, “I have been very pleased by the senior leadership so far this year. They go about their business the right way and they set a great example for our young guys. The experience they possess should help them be successful in big situations this coming season.” Coach Rincker will be using the knowledge and work ethic that these senior pitchers have to teach and help the younger classmen develop into talents that the coaching staff and their teammates believe that the freshman pitchers have the potential to become.

Austin Rexroad pitching like he owns the mound during the alumni game.
(Credit: Wyatt Boyer)
Interview with Austin Rexroad about this year’s team and outlook. (Credit: Ryan Taylor)

Dan Wilcher, another assistant coach on Coach Carlson’s staff, is very comfortable about having GU senior hitters be leaders and teaching the same philosophy that he taught last year for his first year here at GU. Coach Wilcher has allowed the upperclassmen to have “freedom of swing” and allow them to throw out ideas to the freshman to help out with their hitting.

Sam Hodges giving a high-five to Parker Panich when he was third base coach during the alumni game.
(Credit: Wyatt Boyer)
Sam Hodges Interview on how thinks this year’s GU Baseball Team will do. (Credit:Ryan Taylor)

With a great group of seniors that GU Baseball has this year, there is no reason for this team not to reach new heights and show that GU Baseball is the team to beat in the SLIAC.

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