Kyler Henson: The Spark of the Offense

Photo Credit by Mike Buckhanna

Kyler Henson, from Lufkin, Texas, is a transfer senior at Greenville University and plays wide receiver for the Panthers Football team. Henson is an Exercise Science major and plans to become a performance trainer or football coach in the future. Football is a sport Henson knew he would grow up playing after finding out that he had a passion for the game at the age of six. The process of going to Greenville University was through a connection of one of his friends, Justin Willis, who is now a Greenville Alumnus and is currently pursuing his dream of coaching at MacMurray College. Willis was a linebacker for the Panthers and told the coaches about Henson’s abilities on the field. The coaches gave Henson a call and had him come to the school for a visit. Through the experience of his visit, Henson felt like GU was a potential school for him to attend and that the coaches really cared and had a lot to offer. Henson felt that coming to Greenville would be his best bet as he said, “Greenville felt like home. The coaches had a genuine concern for my well-being and it just felt like a place where I can grow as a person.”

Robert Regans and Kyler Henson celebrating a touchdown.
Source: Dana Fitch

Henson is halfway through the 2019 season and is one of the top receivers in the conference averaging 97.3 yards and a touchdown per game. Henson has a total of 21 receptions for 466 yards averaging 22 yards per catch with 4 touchdowns on the season. Henson is a playmaker and sets the tone for the Panthers offense. On October 5th, 2019, Henson scored a 65-yard touchdown reception against the Westminister Blue Jays on the very first play which led to a shut-out victory with a score of 36-0. This was the Panthers’ first shut-out win in 11 years. One of Henson’s favorite memories on the field happened on September 14, 2019 against the Kalamazoo Hornets when he caught a pass then lateral passed it to Seth Logan for a touchdown right before halftime. The video of the play was popular on social media with thousands of views.

Play of the week against the Kalamazoo Hornets.
Source: Dana Fitch

Henson feels like his role on the team as a starter is to make plays and to have an impact on the younger guys on the team. He hopes to leave Greenville setting a great example, so the younger guys can continue carrying on his legacy. Henson is working to have a 3.0-grade point average in the classroom and for the rest of the football season, he strives to reach over 1000 receiving yards for the season and finish with a winning team record. The Greenville Panthers are currently 3-2 and are hoping for a playoff spot and Henson feels confident with his team as he said, “All of our guys are buying in and coming together as a team; we are getting better, watching film, and learning from our mistakes on the field. I feel like everyone is locked in and we are all working hard to create champions for Christ.”

Source: Dana Fitch

Media by Michael Buckhanna.



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