What GU Men’s Basketball is About!

GU's Senior Riley Simmons. (Credit: Ryan Taylor)

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you.” This quote by Derek Jeter is very important to the tradition and drive that GU Men’s Basketball team has. This tradition has been held at the helm with their leader for 20 years, Dr. George Barber. Coach Barber’s resume is one of the greatest at GU history; he coached at Kentucky with the Rick Pitino and has been serving and mentoring the GU program for the past two decades. Great tradition like GU Men’s Basketball comes with a great history. Just last year, the team scored 200 points against Fontbonne at home on Senior Night. With the great tradition that GU Men’s Basketball has, there are always people that stand out the most, and these people are always the captains and the team managers.

Greenville Video about 200 Points. (Credit: Noah Newman)
Riley Simmons in-game plays. (Credit: Darren G. Stewart)

This years captains are: Kameron Vinsel, Riley Simmons, and Sonti Grady. Simmons was honored when he was named one of the captains this year. “I’m very happy Coach decided to make me a captain. I feel like our leadership is very strong this year. Accountability is our main word to the guys. They have been a very good group of guys so it has made it fun.” as said by Simmons. Being captains, these three men need to be there for teammates as family and teammates on and off the court. The captains have to be there for their teammates in the classroom and be there for each other if any of them need someone to talk to throughout the year in-season or off-season.

The biggest impact that every team has is a great manager and for GU Men’s Basketball, there is no exception. Being one of three, Dalton Bloemer does a lot more for the team besides being a manager. “I feel like I have a good impact on the team because if they need something like getting them taped or towels they can count on me to do it.” This was the response that Dalton had about his impact for the team.

Dalton with last year’s seniors:
#1 Johari Dix
#12 Isaiah Price
#22 Daniel Saeli

Listed are the tasks that Dalton does for the team:

  • Practice:
    • Getting out the speaker, scoreboard, table, and chairs and putting them away.
    • Running the scoreboard when drills are going on.
  • Games:
    • Making sure that the medkit and jersey bags are ready for away games.
    • The stats for the team during all games home and away.

Last week on Friday, October 11th, the basketball team went to Canada. Being asked about this trip, Dalton states, “I think it is going to be fun and a great experience.” For Simmons this trip was more than basketball but, a bonding moment with his team and coaches. “I was very excited to go to Canada. We got to start practice early due to this trip so it makes all the work worth it. We have an opportunity this year that a lot of schools don’t get. It will be a very big learning opportunity for us to grow as a team on and off the court.” This trip was more than just basketball, it brought your GU Men’s Basketball team closer and stronger and we can’t wait for what this talented team will do.

This trip for our Men’s Basketball team posed tough times for some of the athletes, but everyone ultimately had a great time. There were a lot of our younger men that struggled with learning the system in Canada but, there is a lot of time to see how the younger athletes play with the older athletes and learn the system. The GU Basketball team is going to be ready this year. Watch out SLIAC!

Get to know your new Men’s Basketball Freshman from: http://athletics.greenville.edu/sports/mbkb/Men-s_Basketball_Commitments

Media: Ryan Taylor


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