BAD BOYS FOR LIFE: Is it Worth Your Money?

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Bad Boys for Life is something that should be watched if you have the time and money to see it. This movie broke its own record of being the highest-grossing installment in the action-comedy series. The third installment made $291 million globally which is $20 million more than their second installment and over $100 million dollars more than first entry of Bad Boys made in 1995 worldwide (Variety). This is huge for the future series of Bad Boys which would probably mean that creators would be able to continue with the series if they wanted to and if the public is willing to let that happen. Only time will tell if that is the next step for Sony and the actors and actresses. Bad Boys for Life shows you that you cannot run from your past and everything, even time, will catch up to you. This means that you should take on every moment of life with a kind and righteous heart.

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Aiming to not spoil any part of the movie, Mike, played by Will Smith still wants to be an officer until the day he dies. No matter how old he gets, he still thinks that he is invincible and he could do everything his way. When he was younger, it was easier, but now both his past and time have caught up with him. He soon learns that he is no longer bulletproof. If you have watched the first two movies you will know that Mike is his nickname. Not only that, but you’ll also learn how he got the name and where he learns some of the stuff that he does in the previous movies. Audiences will love to see who will be returning to the movie which would bring back old memories and from the other two movies.

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Marcus, played by Martin Lawrence, is wanting to settle down and enjoy life with his family. He is still trying to retire from being an officer, but Mike is not wanting to let that happen and you can tell something bad is going to go down in the story with these two. This could possibly make it so the two would have a final stand as shown in the movie’s trailer.

Talking to Ashley Bond about the movie, I wanted to know her thoughts and opinions on it. Her thoughts were similar to my own. Bond says, “It was a great movie to watch. Getting to see the two actors back and still doing what they love for people to watch really made me happy because they work well with each other.” It brought back old memories that she had as she was watching the movie. Overall, she loved it. I asked her if they were to going make a part four, would she watch the next one? Her answer was, “Definitely.” As long as they do not change the main characters of the movie and the story she would make sure that she would watch it. She stated also that it would be better to watch it with friends that have already watched the first three movies and understand it.

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To answer your question: Yes, it is 100% worth your money!


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