Sony and Microsoft Continue to Console War!

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Both Sony and Microsoft have wonderful and powerful consoles for their consumers to this day. They both are hard at work trying to make them better. (Sony) Playstation and (Microsoft) Xbox have been dominating the way we see video games for years with its graphics and memorable games since they were released. Nintendo had been doing this for a while before the PlayStation and Xbox. You can see how much each company strives to be the best through their latest works.

In 2019, a heated rivalry began when both companies decided to unveil a surprising partnership that year. It took some time for the rivalry to calm down. Everyone watched as the companies collaborated to develop a future solution for games and content-streaming service. This was the perfect start to a good partnership and both companies began to move forward. This was not just great for the companies and developers themselves, who make the games for both companies, but it is also beneficial for players that have just one system from either company. If you have a PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or even a PC, you can play online together on any game that has a multiplayer option within the game. Before this, you would have to buy a different console, spending your hard-earned money on a system just to play with a friend on a different console. Now, you can just buy the game and play with them no matter what system is used with crossplay. This is the ability to play an online video game across more than one platform.

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One company still seems to stand apart from the other. Sony was not at last year’s E3, missing their opportunity to show anything about their console or even games. A lot of people wanted to know what Sony is working on or doing for their new PlayStation console the PS5. To be honest, I don’t think they know what they are doing. Reports say that Sony is waiting on Microsoft to set its price for its new console, Xbox Series X before they release their prices. To me, this would be bad for Sony. It kind of makes me worried about the type of console that they are going to be releasing in soon.

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Microsoft is using their time to better their gaming console for the future of gaming. I don’t think that their competition is with Sony anymore, but rather with Google and Amazon.

When I interviewed Joseph Smith, he had this to say about what Sony is doing: “I think that Sony should not put off saying a price, because it just makes them seem shallow and not confident in their new console. I could not agree more, Sony has one of the best consoles and should be more confident.” He also said that “They should have confidence in the product that they have no matter if the competitors have a better console than theirs.” He said that he would prefer the Xbox over the Playstation because the controller feels better to hold and it seems like Microsoft tends to be on the top of getting features way before Sony. To that, I will say we will see what the future holds for both companies in this ongoing war.


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