Inside the Lines GU Track: Payton Wiggins

Media By Mike Buckhanna.
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This week on “Inside the Lines,” Payton Wiggins, a freshman here at Greenville University from Salem, Alabama, talks about his qualifying for Nationals. Wiggins is a sprinter and he has made a huge impact when it comes to the indoor track events. He thanks his coaches, especially Coach Wilson, when it comes to getting taught the correct technique and the importance of a good start while in the sprinting events. Wiggins is a dual-sport athlete as he is also a member of the football team here at GU. When asked how he was able to overcome the adversity as a freshman and accomplish this high of a goal, Wiggins said, “Even though this is my first college experience with this track and field team, I have been blessed to have great coaches and teammates around me to help me get through all the adversity that I have faced this first year.”

Media By Mike Buckhanna.

Wiggins looks to further his success on the track by continuing to work hard each and every practice and to continue to work on his speed and technique. He realizes how important it is to get every little step and movement of his hands to start off a race. He says how much of an advantage a racer can have just by having a great start off, and that is because it’s so crucial as a sprinter to have that great start off; this can create separation and distance from the other competitors.

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Wiggins elaborates more on how football has been a huge contributor when it comes to helping him with his speed and agility on the track. He says how the workouts, especially when it is leg day, help build up the strength in his legs. Whenever he has to condition during football or do sprints, it helps him out a lot more because it gives him a taste as to how fast he is competing against his other fellow teammates. Wiggins mainly focuses on continuing to get faster and he makes sure that he still uses the same technique when he runs that he uses on the track, because he says it builds great muscle memory and it helps him to progress each and everyday. “Football teaches me how to overcome adversity and how to be disciplined and helps me compete each day so that I can prove that I was made for this. I was made to run and I love the thought of being able to compete with my brothers on the football field, and whenever the spring comes I get to compete with my fellow teammates on the track team and show everyone why I am here and prove that I am not afraid of hard work.” Wiggins explains how football is a great tool and attribute for him as a competitor, especially since he is a dual-sport athlete.

Media by Mike Buckhanna.


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