NFL: Are the LA Chargers the Next Super Team?

All the jerseys shown off from Chargers players. Media by Los Angeles Chargers.
Tyler Boronski. Media by Tyler Boronski.

On April 21, the Los Angeles Chargers released their new uniforms for the 2020 season! Charger players, NFL fans, and many more commented on the new uniforms. Chargers Hall of Fame Running Back LaDainian Tomlinson said, “That all-white is sweet, man. Can’t go wrong with the all-white. Y’all changed the bolt in the helmet to match the uniform!” Another legend for the Chargers, Antonio Cromartie, said, “This right here is my favorite cause you got the old uniform mixed in with the new” (

Tyler Boronski, an Assistant Content Producer for NESN, talked about his option on the new uniforms. He stated, “Love the new uniforms. The Chargers by far did the best job with updating their uniforms compared to the other teams that unveiled new uniforms this offseason as well (Falcons, Patriots, Buccaneers, etc). They’ve always had one of the best color schemes in my opinion- can’t go wrong with Powder Blue. The idea of the numbers on the helmets this year is intriguing. I know it’s an homage to their earlier history (’60s-’70s). From hearing about it first, it sounded like having the numbers on the helmets could be a bit much. However, when I looked at the pictures, the numbers weren’t distracting at all and actually blended in nicely. Overall, I’m very positive about their uniforms.”

Los Angeles Chargers New Logo. Media by Los Angeles Chargers.

Boronski stated his opinion on the topic of the Chargers making the new uniforms because they moved to a new stadium. “I do think moving into the new stadium next year is a reason for making the uniform change. Moving into a new stadium and updating the uniforms can give a franchise a sense of ‘new hope’ and be ‘refreshed’. The good thing for them is their new uniforms have so far been universally well-received so that should only help bring more excitement for Chargers fans next year. I’m sure merchandise sales will increase as well.”

The Pick is In for Los Angeles Chargers. Media by NFL.

The NFL Draft is scheduled to occur April 23rd to April 25th and having the Chargers and so many other teams change their uniforms to bring in more hype and show the draftees that they care about the future of the organizations. Boronski elaborates, “I’m sure they did want to unveil it before the draft. Every other team that has new uniforms for next year unveiled theirs in the last month or so as well. I don’t believe there are any other teams unveiling new uniforms after this. It makes sense to release the new uniforms before the draft. If fans are excited about the Chargers 6th pick selection in the upcoming draft, it will only add to the level of excitement in addition to the new stadium and uniforms that I mentioned earlier.”

Justin Herbert. Media by Oregon Ducks Football.

Former Oregon quarterback, Justin Herbert, and Oklahoma’s Kenneth Murray were both drafted in the first round. They join a Chargers team that already has a very talented young squad in the NFL! They both fill some gaps on the roster as Philip Rivers signed with the Colts and the linebacker position needing someone to step up.

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