The Top Three Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Mysterious Galaxy. Assembled by Sang Nguyen Xuan.

Instagram is omnipresent. It is a social media platform that allows users to share not only their favorite photos, but knowledge from various fields. Two of the most prevalent topics are mental health and horoscope signs. However, it is hard to find such precise and concise sources among the other accounts. This article will present the top three Instagram accounts for users to follow and learn more about mental health and horoscope signs.

1. About The Good Life (

While the concept of “self-healing” is familiar to some people, not everyone is aware of all that self-healing entails. Self-healing means that you are your therapist. This therapy requires you to understand more about yourself. Self-healing is the progress of balancing your mind and your soul, helping you become more confident and positive. Once you are ready to face your traumas, then you are successful in your healing progress.

Media by Sang Nguyen Xuan.

“About The Good Life” covers ideas about self-healing with light and bright colors. They educate you in such interesting and captivating ways. They inspire you every day with positive quotes or affirmative sentences to make you feel more confident. Thus, the images are also appealing, which is helpful as you learn and practice. Those pictures are also carefully designed, making the account more aesthetic. Instagram user Chinh Trinh praised the account, saying, “After reading these posts, I realize there is a big and heavy burden stopping me from being who I’m and I need to get over it. The best way to remedy this problem is obtaining more positive vibes. This account meets my qualifications.” With the account’s guidance, you can read and apply the messages of self-healing into your life. Now, what are you waiting for? Follow it immediately.

2. Let’s Talk Mental Health (@letstalk.mentalhealth)

There is a significant rise in the number of people diagnosed with depression in recent days. According to the World Health Organization, about 300 million people around the world have depression. Despite these numbers, depression is a small portion of overall mental health.

There are a lot of different factors that go into depression. It might be triggered by life experiences like stress, abuse, family, and friends. You might ask yourself, “Hey, I have a good income; I love doing my job; I have some great friends. Why do I still feel lonely?” or “I’m so stressed out because of my job, but I have to make a living, so I think I can control my unhappiness.” Having a good income or becoming a workaholic are primary examples of causes leading to mental illness. What could be “just stress” at first can gradually turn into a mental disorder or, more specifically, depression.

Media by Let’s Talk Mental Health.

The number of people diagnosed with depression increases each day due to the fact that many people do not take the warning signs of mental illness seriously. The key to recognizing the signs is to learn more about it, and this Instagram account can help. You might scream and say that you are so tired of learning. Don’t be afraid, friends! It will not throw a 500-page-book at you. Yolanda Nguyen, a student at Hanoi University, felt depressed because she had to handle too many classes. Luckily, Nguyen found this Instagram account and began to read and to heal. Even now, Nguyen still uses affirmative sentences from this account to be more confident. “I wish I could have found this account earlier. This is soulful and easy to read,” said Nguyen. Knowledge will be presented in short, but precise, sentences. There will be flowers and positive symbols, such as the sun or stars, which make you feel much better. The second plus is that this account updates posts daily, so you can nourish your mind about life every day. Moreover, all of the knowledge is easy to “swallow,” so check it out.

3. Moon Omens (@Moonomens)

Media by Moon Omens.

This might sound creepy, but actually, it is so beguiling when reading it for the first time. If you are into reading horoscopes, this Instagram account is made for you. Millions of years ago, ancient people used the moon and stars to forecast the weather or natural disaster. For some psychics, observing moons and stars help them to find the source of strengths and energies sending from the universe. While this concept of astrology sounds like it may be complicated, this Instagram account presents the research in a great way. This account uses dark color in order to bring the mysterious elements to their audiences. You may find yourself represented in each post by looking for your horoscope sign. This account figures out the common features found in those people that are represented by the same signs. They also figure deep insights into individual personalities, and they relay positive messages from the universe. “It is captivating to understand more about your personalities,” said Michael Duong, an active horoscope observer. Duong also mentioned that people should be opened to receive those messages that fit their life. “Just read and be selective. Do not let those signs control your life,” he stated. This account updates its contents daily, so you can stay updated on the predictions for your sign. If you are curious to find out who are you and which star you represent, do not hesitate to follow this account and find the posts made for you. 



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