Winners & Losers of 2020: YouTube Edition

6 YouTubers
Assembled by Jason Dossett.

As of 2019, there are an incredible 31 million YouTube channels that cover all sorts of content.

Here we will be putting the spotlight on six YouTubers that will be divided up into three “winners” and three “losers” of 2020. The three “winners” that have been chosen include Mr. Beast, PewDiePie, and Dude Perfect, who have all been very successful and have been around YouTube for a very long time.

On the other hand, the three “losers” that have been chosen include JayStation, Jake Paul, and Nicole Arbour who have all been in some major controversies that have given them a bad image to the media.

Media by YouTube.

Starting off with the first “winner” of the list is no other than Mr. Beast himself with the subscriber count of 42.9 million and rising. Mr. Beast’s channel is one of the fastest growing channels of all time as he has grown 2.3 million subscribers in the last 30 days. He is known for his generous donations and entertaining content as he gives back to the those who support him.

Next on the list is one of few who have been known as the “King of YouTube,” which is PewDiePie. PewDiePie is at a whopping 106 million subscribers and published his first ever video in 2010. He is known for his gaming and sit-down videos where he makes jokes and entertains his audience.

The last “winner” of 2020 is the talented Dude Perfect at 53.3 million subscribers. This group of men has shown extreme skill as they have pulled off some of the craziest trick shots and obtained several world records.

On the other hand, the first “loser” of 2020 is JayStation, a Canadian vlogger who is known for several controversies such as faking his girlfriend’s death and being arrested for several accounts of trespassing. Following the arrest and demonetization of his channel, JayStation decided to make a new channel called ImJayStation where he posted all his videos besides the ones that included criminal acts.

Secondly, Jake Paul makes the “loser” list as the FBI raided his home on the account of “allegations of criminal acts”. Paul has also been accused of scamming his young followers and being discriminatory towards others. While Paul sits at 20.2 million subscribers, his careless personality and poor decision making often leads to his hate and punishments.

The last “loser” of 2020 is Nicole Arbour as she is known for her controversial YouTube titles such as “Dear Fat People,” “Dear Religious People,” and many others that definitely stir the pot. Arbour, like Paul, has a careless personality and frequently speaks before she thinks, which often leads to the controversial thoughts on her. Her tendency for controversy is how she made the “loser” list of 2020.

Media by YouTube.

Talking with Cooper Majers, he says that creators like Mr. Beast and PewDiePie are awesome influences on the platform, but those such as JayStation and Jake Paul bring a negative light to YouTube. Majers elaborates,

“Mr. Beast brings joy to the community by giving back to people and letting people have a chance at potentially changing their life forever. PewDiePie does this as well, but he does this by relating to his subscribers and listening to their feedback. However, people like Jake Paul and JayStation are more selfish and only try to profit themselves.”

Another point of view comes from Grant McCullough as he says,

“I don’t really know much about these YouTubers since I don’t watch YouTube much at all, but it seems like channels such as Dude Perfect and Mr. Beast are really trying to give back to those who support them. The other YouTubers on the loser list don’t really seem enjoyable to watch because of their attitudes and actions.”

Majers and McCullough point out that a Youtuber’s reputation is very important when they have such a large audience that can see a lot of what they do.


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