“Arms Wide Open” An Interview with the SMART Center Director

Media by Frances Trujiilo.

When listening to a podcast, do you ever think of the face behind the voice?

Especially in a little town like Greenville.

Elaine McNamara, the Greenville University SMART Center Director and Director of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce; is that face and voice. She not only is the voice that connects us all together through podcasts and radio, but she is also the face that extends “Arms Wide Open.” On this podcast you will hear a tangible experience between two women, their love for Greenville University, Greenville the town, and what’s known as “The Tug.”

Media by Frances Trujillo.


  1. This was really interesting and really well produced. I found the “tug” to be a good means of expression in reference to that feeling of longing or need to be in a specific area/calling. Connections mean everything at the end of the day and keeps people tied, connected in a time where things are chaotic. I think that this was a great episode, well done!

  2. Proof that not matter where you are in life a new adventure can begin. Great podcast with insights regarding what the area is about and how its doing. I hope your journey continues to be a pleasant one Frances.

  3. So happy that you are going to school, and home with us. This chapter in your life is going to be great. I can’t wait for you to write your book and tell the world about your experiences and adventures. So proud of you mom!❤️

  4. I’m so very proud of Frances she is amazing and will be very successful at Greenville University! She followed her tug and she is at her peaceful place !! ❤️

  5. I would have to say this podcast with both of these ladies was on point describing Greenville. Being a native of California and visiting Greenville a handful of times, I could totally understand the “tug” that Frances described. It gives you a warm sensation in your heart knowing that there are cities and communities like Greenville out there!

    Francis is a strong woman not only trying to overcome some health issues and life challenges, but she’s showing it’s never too late to make a difference and Greenville University and Greenville is very fortunate to have such a strong woman walking along their side.

  6. This human is so remarkable. Of course this a podcast of Greenville, but the message of Francis is super deep. Just her voice alone has compassion, passion, faith, love, and fear. I can hear the Lord speaking through her to inspire others to walk in his footsteps as well. We are fortunate to wherever Francis goes. As her energy transmits to everyone around her. You can hear it in her voice how love just spills out of her. I’ve never met these ladies, but I will say the world needs more like Francis! I’m super grateful she exists!!!

  7. I really enjoyed this podcast. Very inspiring. Your passion for the things you do is easily recognizable in each of your voices. Frances, I’m in awe of you as a person. Lord knows what a struggle life can be… but it’s not always the case. And it’s in those times that we justify that struggle. What a beautiful example you set and continue setting for your 3 girls. Elaine, I love your enthusiasm. “Open Arms” are essentially what a lot of people lack and need in their lives. Especially during trying times as these. They need that community and that fellowship. There are alternative ways to be close with one another beyond the physical reality of it. Keep seeking those loopholes 😉

  8. Frances, you are amazing to have the courage to go back to school! I am so proud of you. I’m so glad you had the time to go back to Greenville University! Love mom! ❤️

  9. Great interview!! I know school has been a big part of your life, so happy that you have something that makes you very happy. Thumbs up to both you ladies.

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