Growing Number Of International Players on GU Men’s Soccer

Goalkeepers at practice. Media by José Soutullo Fernández.
Goalkeepers at practice. Media by José Soutullo Fernández.

Greenville University has caught the eye of many students looking to further their education as well as many athletes looking to further their careers. Greenville University’s Men’s Soccer team has brought many years of success to the school, but it has also brought an increasing number of international students who love to play the game.

Juan Salazar, a sophomore from Colombia, is an athlete on the men’s soccer team. “I chose GU because before coming here, I had some friends that were already freshmen before me. They talked about the campus and the people in it, and I actually liked what they told me. I came to the school without visiting, and since the first day, they’ve welcomed me like one more of their family.” Salazar is very pleased with Greenville University. He says what he enjoys most about GU is that there is no discrimination and the community makes him feel like he is a part of a big family. Greenville University is known for opening its arms to new students and welcoming them in every way possible. It can be difficult for new international students to get used to the college life in America, but Greenville University has made it easier for them to adjust.

Soccer team going through drills. Media by Jose Soutullo
Soccer team going through drills. Media by José Soutullo Fernández

Another international student from Monterrey, Mexico, is Claudio Treviño. Trevino is attending Greenville University for a soccer scholarship. “I’m liking it a lot so far, making a lot of new friends and really having so much fun with soccer and classes. Also, I am practicing a lot of my English, so it would be really good for me in the future.” Trevino seems to be having a blast at Greenville and enjoys adjusting to the American college life. Imagine having to adjust to a new lifestyle, along with practicing a new language!

Sophomore Tore Hojbjerg from Stockholm, Sweden transferred to Greenville. “I chose GU because I got a really good first impression when I was talking to the coach of the men’s soccer team. Then, I was also speaking to a lot of people around the team, and I got a really good impression of the school.” Hojberg really enjoys being at a smaller school because it is easier to get closer to faculty members and get closer to other students. He emphasizes his enjoyment of the time he has spent at Greenville.

From Costa Rica, Pablo Valverde is a sophomore on the men’s soccer team. “I chose GU because I really like the soccer team and my major program. My favorite thing about Greenville is that it’s a small town and you can get to know a lot of people.” It has been said by all of these international students time-and-time again, Greenville University is the perfect place for students who wish to be accepted. Exceptional athletics combined with a supportive community encompasses only part of what Greenville provides.

Finally, Antulio Castillo is a transfer student in his first semester at GU. Castillo is a second semester sophomore from Guatemala. Castillo is a former psychology major, but now studies ministry here at Greenville. One of the reasons for Castillo transferring to Greenville is due to the ministry program. In his first year, Castillo likes GU as an institution as well as the values they stand for. 

Antulio Castillo working out with his teammates. Media by Jose Soutullo
Antulio Castillo is seen working out with his teammates as they prepare for the upcoming season. Media by Jose Soutullo.

Greenville has seen growth in international’s students, especially within the soccer program. This growth has not only helped the school grow in numbers but also has helped the soccer team with their success in play and in culture over the years. Everyone on the team comes from all over the world and that helps the soccer team grow as a whole in many ways that help with their success. With the rising number of international students, the soccer program will look to continue to bring in more international players in the future.

Media by José Soutullo Fernández.


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