Senior Spotlight: Annie Jordan

Media by Jasmin Smith.

Annie Jordan is a senior at Greenville University that seems to keep succeeding in all she does, despite how much she has going on.  During her freshman year, she never intended to take on such responsibility. She came in as an education major and knew that she wanted to teach at the elementary and preschool levels.  She always loved kids and would help her mother with her Sunday school class. That experience made her have a love for changing and inspiring the lives of children. Even though the workload can be overwhelming at times, she never changed her major because she knew she wanted to be a teacher since she was in elementary school. However, in her freshman year, Jordan had no idea how much responsibility she would take on throughout the rest of her time at GU. In addition to being an education major, she is also an athlete, a captain, and a trainer. When she is not doing one thing, she is doing the other and is always on the move.

Media by Darrin Stewart.

Jordan is a student-athlete and committed to playing volleyball. She is a setter that is known for firing up the team on and off the court. While playing, she was selected to be a team captain.  During the season, Jordan and her co-captains are responsible for keeping track of everything and everyone. Anna Finch is one of Jordan’s co-captains. From the first impression, Finch got to engage in the fun and energetic side of Jordan. While working together for so long, Finch would say that Jordan has “grown as a person, player and a leader” since she’s known her. There are a lot of decisions being made with the coaches that the captains are involved with. While working with Jordan, Finch admires that “she is always looking on the bright side while maintaining a sense of reality. She also works tirelessly to improve herself and help others improve as well.” She has been a captain for two years now and provides the team with great energy, competitiveness, and a little bit of humor. In addition to being a great captain, she also takes care of her teammates as the team trainer. She never intended to become a trainer, but when her coach brought up the job opening, she took it. As a trainer, Jordan takes care of the volleyball team primarily and is called when needed during other sporting events on campus.

Media by Annie Jordan.

Due to all of these activities, she only has around 2 hours a day to herself at most. While this might seem like enough free time, she may get called in to do something else, cutting her personal time short. Whenever she has any moment of stress that becomes too much, she turns to her amazing support system that involves her mom, roommates, boyfriend, and coaches. She talks to them whenever she gets overwhelmed, and at times, she has to remind herself why she takes on so much responsibility. Someone that she looked up to as a role model was her grandmother, who lived her life with so much love and passion, and her fun and energetic spirit kept a smile on everybody’s face. 

Jordan is an extremely hard worker that makes every day count for something. She is always encouraging other people around her to be positive, and when there is a problem, she is there to help others through it. She does have her moments of exhaustion, but with one quick nap, she gets right back to it. With her family and friends by her side, she will always work towards her goals.


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