WGRN: A Voice for the Students

Media by Kasen Williams.

With this ever-changing world, media is everywhere. It surrounds us every way we look. One form of media not many realize they rely on is broadcast radio media. People do not realize just how much music is incorporated into their lives. It surrounds people everywhere they go. From grocery stores to cars, radio is played anywhere and everywhere. Take a moment to think about all the times radio was involved in your everyday life. Many people do not stop and think about it, but radio is an integral part of life.

For the students at Greenville University, WGRN is a very powerful tool. It is a student-run radio station, giving students a voice and opportunities to connect with the community. The goal of the WGRN staff is to help the station become more enjoyable in this modern era. However, due to the lack of interest in the station and the devastation from COVID-19, the station is in desperate need of more voices as they transition into becoming more modern.

WGRN has always been a voice for the students, yet it seems as though current students do not see just how much power this station gives them. The station has many openings for people to get involved, and these opportunities would look fantastic on any student’s resume. Open positions range from DJs to show hosts, and these opportunities are open to any student who is interested. DJing is just how it sounds: it is someone who plays the tracks and pops on the air from time to time to give a little personality to the music. Shows can range from anything to reading stories or tales to education lessons on specific topics. Once, there was even a Creepypasta show. Hosts can also act similar to a DJ and play a specific kind of music, giving a little bit more background information between each song. WGRN is open to everyone’s ideas, and the station loves to give each and every person a voice. Having a voice on the radio may sound scary or intimidating to many individuals that do not have much experience in this field. Tawny Rodriguez, a WGRN staff member, gives an inside walkthrough on how things run in the studio.

Media by Kasen Williams.

Overall, WGRN strives to be exciting and open for all students and the community. Although the station is run by students, the goal is to reach anyone who may be interested, not just students at Greenville. What is even more exciting is that they are not just looking for DJs and hosts. They are completely open to the idea of adding some aspiring graphic artists to their team. They do many collaborations and love to get out on social media as well. There is a use for any talent you may have.

Be sure not to miss out on the WGRN and GU Resident Life collaboration Halloween party! This will take place Friday, October 30th on Scott Field from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The party will include food, a costume contest, and a photo booth. WGRN is also looking for a motto, and they would love some input. There is even a small prize, including a WGRN shirt, for the chosen slogan submission. The contest will end Friday, November 6th, simply click here and give your best shot!

If you’re a student interested in joining the team, you can find the contact information for WGRN here. As many students have discovered throughout the years, there are so many opportunities that await in the studios of WGRN.


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