What Country Song Fits Your Current Emotion?

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How are you feeling today? Maybe you’re feeling excitement because it is finally the weekend. Possibly, you’re stressed because there is an exam on Thursday. Perhaps, you’re happy because friends are coming over tonight. Maybe you’re sad because the last brownie was taken at lunch. Sometimes these emotions can become too much, and people have to find a way to cope with them. Everyone has their own way of coping, but a very popular method is to listen to music. Not everyone listens to the same style of music, but Alexa Segar, a sophomore at Greenville University, finds country music to be her go-to. Segar has given a list of songs that she believes fits every emotion, and if you are experiencing any of these emotions, you should listen to the song that matches.

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Woke up feeling bubbly today? Then you must be happy! Segar’s choice for this emotion was “First Time Feeling” by Dan + Shay. This song describes that feeling when you love and enjoy being around someone. Segar stated, “I chose this song because the artists are happy as they sing this song.” There is nothing happier than when the artist enjoys the song just as much as the listener. Segar went on to say, “This one just seems to have a happy tone to it.”

Feeling a little jealous today? Then “Make You Miss Me” by Sam Hunt is perfect! Segar explained why she chose this one, stating, “As this song goes on, the artist talks about making someone want to miss them.” Sometimes jealousy gets the best of us, so listen to this song to help those feelings disappear.

Down in the dumps or feeling blue? Segar has picked the perfect song for you: “Like I Loved You” by Brett Young. In this song, the artist is upset and reminisces about a past relationship where he loved the girl more than she loved him. Segar said, “This song would represent sadness.” Heartbreak songs just hit differently when you are feeling down.

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We have all had some rough days that just make you so angry. Segar gave a great choice for this one: “Redneck Crazy” by Tyler Farr. Segar explained, “I chose this song because the artist talks about showing up uninvited because she ‘broke the wrong heart baby and drove me redneck crazy.’ This song is a good one to crank up the radio and belt it at the top of your lungs when you are angry.”

Last but not least, love. Ever had a crush or honestly just fell in love with someone? In that case, “Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs is the song to jam to for the butterflies in your stomach. Segar said, “I chose this song to represent love because it is more than obvious that the artist is truly in love by calling this woman ‘beautiful crazy.’ Combs shows so much emotion in this song and gives off extremely good vibes.” Nothing describes love better than this country song. “This song is guaranteed to make you smile,” Segar continued.

No matter what the emotion, put your headphones in and enjoy these songs!

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