Blood of Zeus: Beautiful or Catastrophic?

Blood of Zeus. Assembled by Joe Smith.

Blood of Zeus is a brand new Netflix original action-packed series about the journey of the son of the sky god, Zeus. The main character, Heron, is a mysterious man that never knew much about his upbringing and was left to wonder if he would ever figure it out. However, this ignorance does not keep him out of harm’s way. There are plenty of shows that are built on mythology and lore, but what did Blood Of Zeus do differently?

What did it do well?

Blood of Zeus poster. Media by Netflix.

Blood of Zeus played well on the aspect of creating their own story for the myths that a lot of people know and love. Right at the beginning, there is a message that explains Heron’s story was left out of the rest of the myths and legends. This means there is no pressure to keep the story to a specific timeline due to the fact that it is deliberately separated from any existing tale. This factor is continuously played on by adding in new enemies and conflicts that are not normally seen in the span of Greek myths.

Being able to develop and create this whole new part of the mythological universe makes this show a breath of fresh air as opposed to a boring rerun.

Where did it go wrong?

Scene from Blood of Zeus. Media by Netflix.

The show’s downfall is when it tries to change the general structure of the myths because these alterations tend to affect other parts in a negative way. Modern fusion tends to bring in boring and unsatisfying turns. One such example is how the protagonist, Heron, gets angry with Zeus when he explains why he could not be a father figure, instead of having understanding for why the god of the sky had been absent. Some of the characters from the original mythological story also seem to follow a different pattern than what would be expected for that character. Also, there are quite a few generic plot points that are sprinkled throughout the show that put a weird damper on the mood of the production. These cons are not complete dealbreakers, but they do make the show feel like the creators ran out of ideas.

Should you watch it?

Antwon Knight is a student at Greenville University that is involved in a lot of activities around campus. Knight is the captain of the Apex Legends e-Sports Team, and he is the president of the gaming club on campus as well. Knight is a senior and a digital media major. Also, in addition to being an avid watcher of many animated shows, he has experience with the study of Greek mythology. In this interview, he gives his thoughts on Blood of Zeus.

Interview with Antwon Knight. Media by Joe Smith.
Blood of Zeus Thumbnail. Media by Netflix.

Despite the few problems, Blood of Zeus is definitely worth the watch. When looking at it, the pros absolutely outweigh the cons, and the show is able to develop through those low points. Plot points are creatively tied back together for twists, and the overall structure of the show is intriguing. It is a must-watch for those that are into the animation scene, and it could be a good entry point for those trying to get into animated shows.


Blood of Zeus is a good and entertaining watch, and it is an even greater experience in the world of animated shows. It has nice, clean-looking sketches with plenty of noteworthy plot points. While it has a few damper moments that seem to just be generic plot points, it makes up for it in the originality of everything else. This show is definitely a recommended watch, and hopefully, the second season will be out soon.


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