Blue Flowers? From Touya or Endeavor? (My Hero Academia)

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My Hero Academia has taken the world by storm. The superhero manga and anime has captured the hearts of many with the story of a young boy chasing a dream that everyone tells him is impossible. Refusing to give up, he pushes forward and catches a lucky break. This launches him into the story of his struggles to make it in the superhero world. He goes from a home of civilians into a world of danger, social corruption, and villains.

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However, the world of superheroes is not as simple as it seems. Behind closed doors, the heroes are able to get away with many things. One hero, Endeavor, has gotten away with much more than one would like to believe. Endeavor is power-hungry and believes he has to be the number one hero or play a role in the next number one hero. This is why he buys his wife, Rei, who has an ice quirk. He believes if he can have children with a combination of his fire and her ice that they will be unstoppable.

Their first child is Touya, a boy with a blue-flamed fire quirk. Anyone who knows about fire understands blue flames are the hottest flames. While training, it is discovered that Touya’s quirk burns his skin. Touya was born with a body that was meant to wield an ice quirk, but instead, he wielded fire. This is a disappointment in Endeavor’s eyes, labeling Touya as a failure. Endeavor and Rei soon have three more children. The last child to be born is an exact split of both parents. Shoto can wield both fire and ice, so he is perfect in Endeavor’s eyes. Shoto is introduced as the storyline follows the main character. Shoto despises his father and wants nothing to do with his plans. Endeavor later states he wants to make up for everything he has done. In a few short scenes following this, it is revealed that Touya is dead and no explanation is given.

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Most of the previous information regarding Touya’s past is newly-received and only given to fans in recent chapters. Fans have been putting together pieces ever since Touya was revealed to be dead. A villain who is very prominent in the series suspiciously had a fire quirk and was covered in so many scars he would be unrecognizable from the past. This villain is only known as Dabi. Since his reveal, many fans have gone to claim he is Touya seeking revenge.

Media by Kōhei Horikoshi.

The newest chapters were recently leaked, and it was revealed Dabi is Touya. Fans quickly latched onto the fact someone has been leaving blue flowers in Rei’s room, and it was not revealed who. The majority just went with the idea it was Endeavor. Recently, after the chapter leaks, the connection was made that the blue flowers were representative of Touya’s blue flames and that it had to be his doing. In the leaks, Touya made sure his mother found out, as he wanted to show he cared about her still because she was not his enemy. All Touya wanted was justice for what had happened to him.

Many fans want to believe that Touya still has good in him, which is why they have latched onto the theory. Raven, a fellow TikTok creator (alias @Insain_cupcake) and My Hero fan, has given her thoughts on this theory.

“I personally do think it was Dabi (Touya) sending the flowers. It would make sense since the flowers are the same color as his flames and [it was revealed] he had a close bond with his mom.”

– Raven (@insain_cupcake)

Also, in regards to the Dabi is Touya theory and reveal, she stated:

“I suspected dabi was touya from the first time he was introduced, Especially when he refused to harm shoot in an attack on the hero class. [The reveal] Doesn’t affect me much just because I already suspected it. [However,] It does excite me for what’s to come in Dabi (Touya) and Shoto’s [future] development.”

– Raven (@insain_cupcake)

Fans are very excited over the prospects of this reveal. Many fans had threatened to stop watching the show if their theories are proven false. As the story continues, fans can only hope their theories are correct.


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