A Walk Around Greenville, Illinois

Media by Frances Trujillo.
Evergreen Plant Co. Greenville, Illinois. Media by Frances Trujillo.

It’s not secret that most people don’t know about the town of Greenville, Illinois, but this small town is a charming, peaceful, and quiet community with tons of beautiful trees, woods, lakes, and creeks. It also has a cute and unique historic downtown that is worth taking a walk around and doing a little shopping, especially in one of the newest shops, Evergreen Plant Co. (photo to the left). This small town is also the home of Greenville University, an institution where dreams are created. This little town has a way of leaving a mark on one’s soul. The nature surrounding the town is calming and tranquil; it’s as if it provokes the soul to take a deep breath and relax. For some, quieting the mind can be challenging, but nature can be a way to help our minds and bodies regenerate and find that clarity. Greenville’s “arms wide open” philosophy gives its visitors and locals a quaint, welcoming hug of friendship and safety, allowing everyone that comes here the opportunity to enjoy the deep blue skies, the fresh air, and the vibrant trees. This clean town engages an atmosphere that allows a person to reconnect with their thoughts.

So put on your favorite jacket and hiking shoes. Bring a book, a camera, and possibly a friend or family member with you. Then let Greenville encourage you to experience the moment, explore the sounds of your own footsteps, and connect with your true self.

Below are several photographs that might intrigue your thoughts of Greenville, Illinois.

Enjoy the journey, happy trails!

(Below) are images of Downtown Greenville, Illinois, just in case you want to walk around and explore our local small business.

(Below) are several photographs of The Gullies and Patriots Park in Greenville. These two quiet, peaceful sites are covered with beautiful trees, and they are filled with the sounds of water running, chirping birds, and curious squirrels. These two locations are the perfect places to relax and unwind. These places allow one to move freely, embracing the stunning views. Reconnecting with nature in this way allows for an opening of the mind, body, and soul to positivity.

This is definitely an eye-opening and ear-opening experience.

(Below) are photos taken at Patriots Park, another great example of nature.

I Believe The World Is Incomprehensibly Beautiful

– AN Endless Prospect of magic and wonder.

-Ansel Adams

Media by Frances Trujillo.



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