Softball Senior Spotlight

Assembled by Desirae Yost.

This year, the Greenville University Softball Team is led by six talented, hard-working seniors. Let’s get to know the seniors: Kendall Farr, Hayley Jenkins, Maegan Stone, Olivia Shipman, Hannah Hoffman, and Katie Myers. 

#0, Kendall Farr – Chattanooga, TN

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Farr has been a part of the program since 2017 and is a pitcher/first baseman for the GU Softball Team. She is a biology major with an English minor. Upon graduation, Farr plans to go to nursing school at the University of Tennessee. She believes that GU has prepared her for life after graduation by allowing her to discover what she is passionate about, which is serving others. Farr believes that Greenville University has allowed her to grow as a person and become more independent. 

The softball program here at GU is so special to me. They have always supported me in everything, and I can always count on them to be there for me when I need them. We always have a lot of fun on and off the field, and all of the girls are very dear to my heart. I am very lucky to be a part of the team.

-Kendall Farr

#9, Hayley Jenkins – San Diego, CA

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Jenkins started at GU in 2019, transferring from San Diego Mesa College. She is a catcher for the program and is an English education major with a minor in history. After graduating, Jenkins plans to either stay in Illinois or return to California to begin her teaching career. She thinks that GU has helped show her the importance of community and responsibility while teaching her how to run a classroom and stay grounded and flexible in her life.

I absolutely love the team chemistry. We are all a cohesive family. These girls have become my family, and I know even if I leave Illinois, I will still have all of these girls by my side. The program has taught me how to be resilient and how to handle both mental and physical adversities in life.

-Hayley Jenkins

#11, Maegan Stone – El Paso, IL

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Stone started in 2017 and is a pitcher/outfielder for the team. She is a special education major and is planning on working in an elementary school or junior high school as a special education teacher after graduating from GU. She believes that GU has given her multiple opportunities in different classrooms to learn skills and strategies for teaching. Stone’s favorite things about the softball program are her teammates and the spring break trips to Myrtle Beach. She says that each spring break trip has brought so many memories.

Going into this year, I wasn’t sure what it’d look like with COVID-19 and a new coach, but it’s been great working with Angela, and I think our team as a whole has adjusted to having a new coach really well.

-Maegan Stone

#15, Olivia Shipman – Robinson, IL

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Shipman has been a part of the GU Softball Program since 2017 and is a second baseman for the team. She is a business management major and is working on her MBA. After receiving her MBA, Shipman plans to move back home to look for a job in human resources. She believes that GU has prepared her for the transition from being a student to being a kingdom worker. Her favorite thing about the program is the culture and her teammates. She loves how they are not afraid to push each other physically or spiritually.

Through learning leadership skills in softball and helping others through my senior capstone class and online classes, I’ve been able to develop various valuable skills that have prepared me for life.

-Olivia Shipman

#18, Hannah Hoffmann – Carlyle, IL

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Hoffmann is a third baseman for the team, and she transferred from Kaskaskia College in 2019. She is a history education major, and she is planning to find a teaching job at the high school level as well as a coaching position. Hoffmann believes that GU has prepared her to be her own kind of person and that it is okay to not follow the crowd. GU has also taught her to do whatever it takes to achieve her dreams.

My favorite thing about the GU Softball Program is my teammates. Without a good group of teammates, it makes it hard to play. Each and every one of my teammates play for one another, and we all have the same goals in mind. Having a team that is this tight-knit and goal-oriented makes it that more exciting and enjoyable. This is one of the best chemistry teams that I have played with, and I am so thankful for that.

-Hannah Hoffmann

#22, Katie Myers – Steeleville, IL

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Myers joined the program in 2018 and is an outfielder for the team. She is a secondary and middle grades English language arts major. After graduation, Myers plans to apply for teaching jobs and hopefully pick up some assistant coaching work along the way. She has a passion for working with kids and young adults, and she cannot wait to start her career. Myers believes that GU has fully prepared her to take on a teaching career. She says that she has been trained in all of the things an education student would endure and more due to virtual learning. She is also thankful that GU re-sparked her faith in Christ.

My favorite thing about the softball program is the culture. I have always felt at home with my teammates.

-Katie Myers


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