Three Favorite Games of Chinese Students at GU

Media by Ruby Chen.

Chinese students often cannot live without electronic devices in their daily life, so they cannot live without electronic games. Chinese students from Greenville University have three favorite games. The first game is called “PUBG,” a computer version of The Jedi Survival mobile game, and was referred to in conversation as “chicken eating.” The second popular game, called “Happy Mahjong,” is a mobile version of the first happy mahjong game that features entertainment anytime, anywhere. The third is “Dota Underlords,” a self-playing chess game developed by Valve and also available for download on mobile phones.

Media by XDA Developers.

PUBG is a tactical, competitive sandbox shooting game developed by the Blue Hole. In this game, the player has to collect resources on the game map and fight other players in a shrinking security zone to survive until the end. Players can customize the character’s gender, hairstyle and clothing. No matter what character the player creates, the attributes are exactly the same. Game characters will have 100 health and 100 pack capacity. Players can access these maps, collect various materials to maintain health, or expand their backpack capacity. The number of items that can be carried on a character cannot exceed the size of the pack. Unlike jedi survival this game has a big reason to win, and that’s the chicken. Why does this game have the nickname “eat chicken” in China? To put it simply, it means to win first place. “Winner, winner, chicken dinner.” The screen of this game is carried out from the perspective of the first person, mainly relying on the player’s high attention and observation ability, so as to kill the players of other teams and win the game.

Media by Majiang QQ.

Tencent Happy mahjong” is a classic Chinese chess game mobile game. It is created by the original production team of “Happy fight the Landlord,” a high-quality leisure entertainment game launched by QQ game Product Department. On the basis of traditional rules, the collection of a variety of familiar domestic mahjong play, including blood mahjong and so on. It not only brings the classic quintessence of Chinese culture to the mobile phone end, but also brings endless fun with rich and diversified gameplay. When you are tired of playing the usual gameplay, you can also study the gameplay of different regions. The true and appropriate game screen will make mahjong lovers have an immersive feeling. In the joy of mahjong is the ranking of friends, so the students especially like to see whose ranking is higher. In reality, Chinese students not only like playing mobile games of mahjong but also playing real mahjong together.

Media by Underlords.

Dota Underlords, a do-it-yourself chess game developed by Valve, pits eight players against each other in a game until only one player is left. The key to win is to select the best hero lineup from the random hero pool, strengthen the lineup with equipment and construct the advantageous battle formation under reasonable tactics and strategies. Last year there was a period of fascination with this game. Many students often played it online together, and it was really cool to win.

Student Chen Wang said, “In daily life, we boys prefer the third game, because its drawing style is more similar to LOL, and it is a team game with easy to understand operation and the original DOTA2 hero. Besides, there are many players in the game, so there is no krypton gold consumption for the time being. However, the game takes too long and it takes at least 30 minutes to complete a game, so we only play black games together on weekends, and it takes time for non-chess players to get started. It’s easy to get bored if you play for too long so don’t play for too long at one time.”

These are three favorite games for Chinese students in Greenville. Chinese students’ games and entertainment are at the forefront of fashion. These games are very popular on the network at present; other students should also try these fun games.



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