Player Profile: Shaling “Sha” Reynolds

Media by Brett Brannon.

Shaling “Sha” Reynolds is a freshman on the tennis team here at Greenville University. She was born and raised in China. She moved to Springfield, Illinois at the age of ten. Reynolds went to Rochester High school, and there, she was a three-sport star. At her high school, she competed in the tennis state finals three years in a row, and she came in second all three times. Reynolds knew she could play tennis at the next level, so she decided to start looking for colleges where she could showcase her talent. Reynolds is a phenomenal player with lighting speed and a high IQ for the game. She also played basketball and softball in high school.  

Media by Isiah Dortch.

Reynolds started playing sports when she first arrived in America. It was hard for her at first because she had to learn English, and she had to adapt to the new environment and the American culture. Reynolds said, “It’s different living in America than in China. For example, in China, tennis is not a popular sport like it is in America,” Reynolds said. “Once I saw people play tennis, I knew I wanted to play because it looked fun. I wanted to try it.” Here at Greenville, she only plays tennis. 

Media by Isiah Dortch.

Reynolds states that she was really undecided about coming to Greenville University until she arrived here and met students around campus. Reynolds said, “Now that I’m not a multi-sport athlete, I have plenty of time to focus on my schoolwork and hang out with friends.”  She has made great friends and wants to complete all four years of her college career and graduate from Greenville University.

Reynolds went on to talk about their season and what’s going to happen. Reynolds said, “So far, we are going to play like we have planned on and start our season off in the spring, but we have to play it by ear because of Covid-19.” Reynolds biggest takeaway for this upcoming season is to push everyone to become better. She is really big on team chemistry and tries her best to have a bond with every person on the team. Reynolds said, “I really would like it if we could stay healthy enough to win or even at least compete for the end of the spring tournament. Winning the whole tournament would mean so much to me and the team.” She thinks this year is the year she wins because she has come in second place multiple times in her past.

After her time at Greenville University, Reynolds is planning on living with her sister while working after college. Her major is digital media, so she hopes she gets a job related to that field. She would also like to travel the world and explore different places while being an interpreter or translator as a side job in addition to doing interior design for fun. Reynolds said, “I wish I had a translator once I had arrived in America because it was hard for me to explain myself and understand others.” Sha hopes she can go back to China and reunite with her family in the future.

Media by Isiah Dortch.



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