Habitable Life on Mars?

Space travel and extraterrestrial life will be two of the biggest topics in our future. We currently have multiple companies preparing us for space, such as Virgin Galactic and SpaceX. When considering the prospect of space, many people wonder if there will be another planet that we can live on. Mars is very close to Earth and is a lot more habitable than we have been taught in school. Becky Grob, a big fan of space travel, gave some of her input in the matter.

“I believe Mars is a contender as a habitable planet because of its distance from us,” Grob explains. “Although it takes a long time to reach the planet, I believe technology will soon exist to make it much faster.”

Why Mars?

Mars is located very close to Earth when compared to other habitable planets. It has also been proven possible to grow plants on Mars. This would change the atmosphere over a period of time to make it more suitable for humans to live. Mars also has nearly 24-hour days, very similar to Earth. Mars’ gravity of 38% also gives humans a chance to live there, but it would be much different than Earth’s gravity. There is also water in the soil of Mars, which is key to survival for all living things. Even with an average temperature of -81 degrees Fahrenheit, humans could theoretically cope to live in these conditions.

Farming on Mars will be a lot harder than 'The Martian' made it seem |  Science News
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What Would It Take?

To live on Mars, right now at least, we would have to have living quarters completely sealed off from Mars’ atmosphere. With that being said, any time we humans left these quarters, we would have to always be wearing suits. Mars is also said to not have very much sunlight, so while getting things to grow would be extremely difficult, it would still be very possible. Scientists have suggested using fake plants, leaves, or altered soil conditions that will receive sunlight and produce power. The goal isn’t to live on the current Mars but, rather, to alter Mars to be as similar to Earth as possible. To eventually live on Mars permanently, breathable air a proper atmosphere to help produce food would be needed.

The Definitive Guide To Terraforming - Universe Today
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Is it Possible?

Yes, living on Mars is very possible, and it will happen; it is just a matter of time and resources. SpaceX is currently in front when it comes to space activity and test launches. Elon Musk has set up his plan for the next few years, wanting to reach Mars by 2024-2026. As futuristic and far off as that seems, it becomes more of a reality with each passing day. Plus, everyone that has underestimated Musk has failed up to this point. Musk wants to put millions on Mars to create jobs and everyday life just like here on Earth.

“I believe life would be possible on Mars. Terraforming may be possible with future technology to create an atmosphere. It may be more likely that we discover some other more habitable planets as time passes,” Grob concludes.

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