NBA Trade Deadline: Big Moves Were Made!

Media by Justin Cross

Teams undergo trades for various reasons. If a team isn’t doing so great that year, they may actually tank their season in the hopes to get a high draft pick. Another method of tanking for the season would be to trade away some players on the team. Some teams have some great talent to play for their city, but unfortunately, their team isn’t winning any games. In an effort to benefit both the player and the organization, they will ultimately let their best players go because they may be paying more than they can to keep that player. The release of their best players is a guaranteed way to make sure that their team falls in the ranks; awhile, they are securing a high draft pick or in pursue of picking up other players as their contacts could be expiring.

It’s really a game of chess; you have to be patient in order to strategize the organization’s next moves. That’s why we have some teams like the new and improved Brooklyn Nets.

Some may call the Brooklyn Nets a super team with their all-star players alone Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden, but they also added 6x All-Star Blake Griffin and 7x All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge to their team. Many people see this as being unfair to have all of those All-Stars on one team, but really this was the organization’s plan the whole time to make a playoff run. Teams that have gone through the tanking process finally acquire all the money they need and are able to make some moves that can change the course of the history of the franchise drastically!

Everyone is familiar with the Golden State Warriors and their superstar backcourt of 3x NBA Champions Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, but what people don’t realize is that the Warriors had to play their cards right in order to get those championships. Along with the help of head Coach Steve Kerr; in 2014, the history of The Warrior‘s franchise was changed forever! Currently, the Warriors are going through another down period this season, and nobody expects them to win another championship anytime soon; unless Curry‘s “Splash Brother” Thompson was to make a comeback soon, but this is a prime example of how teams can come out of nowhere and compete for a championship.

The Miami Heat is another team full of straight up hoopers who; with perfect timing, the right draft picks, trades that were made, and a leader to lead the group of guys to the finals, that leader being Jimmy Butler, then you have a team that can compete for a championship!

Here’s a shortlist of some trades that were made this year during the deadline

The Cleveland the Cavaliers agree to buyout Andre Drummond's contract and send him to the Los Angeles Lakers. League Source says that Drummond was one of the top buyouts for this Trade Deadline, but the Lakers were the first to strike at this opportunity. We don't know how Drummond is going to fill in with the Lakers, but with a healthy Lebron James and Anthony Davis we may see Drummond get his first ring if he plays big and protects the rim for his new teammates.
Houston traded Victor Oladipo to Miami for Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk and a draft swap. Celebrity Will Smith called his trade a "Buzzer Beater!" Oladipo is 2x NBA All-Star and lately has been plagued with injuries! This ultimately caused him to jump from team to team trying to find the right fit for the elite point guard. We saw plenty of promise from Oladipo in Indiana and Houston, but is he the key to Miami's second chance at reaching the finals again? Only time will tell, but I think this is a good trade for Miami as long as Oladipo can stay healthy for his team.

The Bulls land Nikola Vucevic and Al Farouq Aminu for Otto Porter, Wendell Carter Jr., and two first-round picks. With Orlando Magic in full "Rebuild Mode," It was time for Orlando to part ways with Vucevic. The 2x NBA All-Star is one of the last "back to the basket" big men; who can still step out of the post and shoot the ball! I believe he will fit in well with the new Chicago Bulls look. Imagine a pick and roll with Zach LaVine and Vucevic... could be a scary match-up for most teams! I like this trade and can't wait to see what Vucevic has to offer for Chicago.
San Antonio Spurs also proceeded to buy out LaMarcus Aldridge and he'll be joining Blake Griffin with the Brooklyn Nets! This could potientally become our next SUPER TEAM. With the dynamic trio of Irving, Durant, and Harden controlling the ball; now the Nets have the option on working on the low-block. The two big men can both either score from the post or shoot from the arch. With these types of players you can score from all sides of the basket which is going to impact the Nets significantly, and I can't wait to see what the Nets can do when the playoffs comes around. 
Gary Harris, RJ Hampton and a first-round pick to the Magic for Aaron Gordon. Gordon is for sure a franchise player! Everyone knows him for his dunk contest against LaVine in 2016, but what people forget is that Gordon is a competiter. All in for improving his game; Gordon who was known for slashing and dunking the ball, but now he has a more well rounded game where he can shoot from outside the arch, work in the post, and ultimately can help the Nuggets on offense and defense. With the help of MVP contender Nikola Jokic, I think he will help elevate Gordon's game while he's in Denver. Learning to move without the ball more efficiently and getting to open spots on the court so his teammates can give him the ball now. This team should be exciting to watch.

Many more trades were made during the Trade Deadline which you check out right here. (Source)

Media by Justin Cross.


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