Player Spotlight: Kaidyn Johnson

Kaidyn Johnson is a member of the Greenville University Panther Men’s Basketball Team. Johnson is originally from Jefferson City, Missouri, and he lived in Kansas City, Missouri, for some time. Johnson was a double-sport athlete, competing in basketball and track at Jefferson City High School, but eventually, basketball is what he started to love more. Johnson quit track his junior year and shifted all his focus to basketball, and now, he is currently a member of the collegiate basketball team here in Greenville. Johnson is what some will call a late bloomer in sports. He started playing basketball competitively during his sophomore year in high school, but fans would never realize that when seeing him play. He adapted very well to the fast-paced style offense that Dr. George Barber runs at Greenville. In his season opener against Division 1 school Samford University, Johnson scored 17 points while shooting 6-7 from the field and knocking down 4 three-pointers. By the way, Johnson is a freshman, so having a game like that against a Division 1 school is showing a lot of promise for his upcoming years here at Greenville.

Media by Emily Bollinger.

Johnson is currently a underclassman but he is looking forward to having a better season for the men’s basketball team next year. “Finding a college was very challenging for me, but once I went on a tour at Greenville, it felt like home,” said Johnson. He is currently majoring in exercise science, but he is hoping to change his degree next year to become a health science major. “Choosing health science as a degree is something I would love to do because I live a healthy lifestyle and believe that you need to eat clean to perform well in life and to play sports here in Greenville,” said Johnson. Former teammate Cameron Nabers said, “Kaidyn is a disciplined player on the team, and whenever we go out to eat, he always eats clean.” It appears that Johnson is already catching people’s eye on how he is currently living a healthy lifestyle, so maybe he can become a dietitian after college. “I want to start my own company that helps former athletes control their diet and give them max results,” said Johnson.

The men’s basketball team is a close-knit group, and Johnson credits Dr. Barber for emphasizing that the team a family and that creating memories together is important. Johnson said he created a lot of memories with the team, but his favorite is when the team poured a bucket of ice water on him to celebrate his birthday. “I love my teammates here. These are some of the best times of my life, and it’s only my freshman year. I can’t wait to see what else is in store,” said Johnson. The sky is the limit for Johnson. Everything is going well for him, and joining the team here at Greenville can be life-changing. Johnson said he is hoping the team will bounce back next year so that “we can bring home a championship back to Greenville.” He explains, “I hope we play more Division 1 teams because being on television is something I will never forget.”

Media by Emily Bolllinger.

Media by Henry Johnson III.


  1. This is a very interesting & informative article about this young man, Kaidyn Johnson. It is good to to know that the Greenville University athletes are in a warm environment that creates a family like atmosphere for the team players, under Dr Barber’s leadership.


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