Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant : The Fight for Glory

Media by: Apkpure. Edited by: Ruben Martinez

Saturday, November 6th will be the day Canelo Álvarez and Caleb Plant fight face to face for the super middleweight division at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo Alvarez, one of the best Mexican boxers in history, is just one fight away from achieving something that no other Latin boxer has ever achieved in his upcoming fight against Caleb Plant. They both are just one fight away from being the best boxer in the super middleweight division, 160 pounds (72.5kg). This fight will be epic because both of them have been preparing themselves to fight each other. They both needed to fill up the requirements to be able to fight against each other. Canelo wants to be the first Latin boxer to win this title in the super middleweight division.

The fight already started between Álvarez and Plant in one of the press conferences. Canelo and Caleb faced each other and exchanged tense dialogue. After a couple of seconds, Canelo pushed Caleb away, and, right after that, the spectators saw the two boxers throwing some punches before the fight started. Canelo said that Plant crossed the line and said something regarding his mom, and he would never tolerate someone disrespecting his family. After this press conference, the event caught more people’s attention, and people can not wait to watch and enjoy the fight. Also, there has been a lot of social media activity about this fight. Caleb’s staff members have talked badly about Canelo’s coach. Álvarez has said that he does not care what people or Plant’s staff members say about him and his team. He is 100% focused on the fight, and he will get the job done at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Canelo, age 31, comes to this fight with a 56-1-2 record in his career. The man from Guadalajara, Mexico, has said that he is not scared of the fight and that he will win the fight no matter what. He is ready to fight and make history in the sport. On the other hand, Caleb Plant, age 29, comes to this fight with a 21-0-0 record in his career. All the bets in the casinos are for the Mexican boxer, and people expect him to knockout Caleb Plant. Canelo is one of the best boxers in the world at this moment, and he has been improving after every fight. Now Canelo has more experience, better moves, faster feet, and knows how to use his body to avoid the punches from the other boxer. Something to point out that is important for this fight is the height of both the boxers. Álvarez is just 5’9″ while his opponent Caleb is 6’1″. This makes a lot of difference because Plant has longer arms and can reach Canelo from the distance, which could be a big advantage for the USA boxer. For Canelo, this has never been a problem because he has fought with taller people than him, and it has not been a big problem for him; with his agility and fast moves, he can overcome this adversity.

After the press conference and what we have seen about the fight, we see a confident and prepared Canelo Álvarez ready for the fight. On the other hand, I see an insecure Caleb Plant that tries to get people’s attention through social media and posting and talking about outside stuff that has nothing to do with the fight. The fact is we will watch an amazing fight that everyone will enjoy, and it is going to be something to remember for years. Regardless of who wins the fight, one of them will make history in the boxing world.


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