Sprucing up Greenville with Spruce

The town of Greenville welcomes Spruce. This store in downtown Greenville, IL was opened on July 4, 2021. Spruce brings to the community another alternative to shopping in town. After 4 months in Greenville, IL, Spruce has gotten the attention of the community with their innovation as a store and what they are trying to bring to the community. We talked with Spruce’s manager, Breck Nelson, and he told us that Spruce is a store that tries to bring some new ideas to the community and another option for shopping in town. Nelson also told us, “Spruce [is unlike] some of the stores around town because there are not many options of retail stores.” Spruce has all kinds of stuff in the store including home goods and décor. With the opening of Spruce, the Nelson family has their second store in town after the opening of Evergreen, a plant store also in town. Spruce is coming to change the Greenville shopping environment as a new option for consumers that they did not have before in town.  


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