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Restaurants of GU: Hibachi’s Buffet

In terms of the menu, it’s traditionally arranged, broken into Appetizers, Soup, Fried Rice, Fried Noodle, Lo Men, Soft Noodle, Egg Foo Young (Seafood,...

Studying Abroad: Dory Keeps Swimming

Studying abroad in the US is a desirable dream for students from other countries because it helps students experience one of the best education...

University Pathways from a Chinese Perspective­

Chinese students have been coming to Greenville University for years, and in order to help with the language barrier, a lot of them enroll...

What is “Wolf Warrior 2”?

Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by Kayla Morton. Quick! Name the top five movies of the year worldwide! You've got “Wonder Woman”, “The Fate of...

China Ends One-Child Policy

Written and Media by Andrea Martin. China announced Thursday it would be ending its one-child policy, which was enacted in 1979 to combat...

Chinese Spring Festival

Written by Levi Jublet, Media by Jack Wang On February 20, GCSA invited the GC community to come out and celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival/New...

Beyond the Bachelor’s – Rachel Dothager

This week's alumni spotlight falls on 2011 Greenville graduate Rachel Dothager. Rachel took full advantage of her Greenville experience by participating in a variety of organizations, clubs, and trips. In the interview below, Rachel shares some of her experiences from the past few years. Rachel will be speaking this Thursday at Vespers. The Papyrus thanks Rachel for engaging with us as we go beyond the bachelors.

World in Briefs (10.15.13)

United States Most would argue that a dog is man’s best friend. They roll around and act adorable. They bark loudly when you are trying to leave the house. They are a popular excuse for a child’s missing homework. However, they can also be expensive. While Wayne Klinkel and his wife were enjoying a pleasant lunch, his dog Sundance was enjoying a lunch of his own—$500 in cash, to be exact. Upon discovering the remains of a $100 bill, the Montana man immediately knew what had happened.

The Always Ready To Dive In Show Episode 6 – Nobody...

In today's podcast, Jake and Austin dive in on two new Papyrus articles, World Briefs and one about the Naval Yard shooting. In other news, Ted Cruz talked for 21 hours and a Chinese man grew a nose on his forehead.

World in Briefs (11.12.12)

By: Kevin Dunne China Chinese police officers could have potentially busted the world’s most expensive house party in history. About 10,000 bottles of the world-famous Chateau Lafite...