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Cooking Around the World Ep. 2 – Quiche

https://youtu.be/VR6LNG39730 This time we are doing quiche! Quiche is a traditional french dish with many different recipes. In the video you will see the basic...

Thank You Notes

Writing and Media by Lauren Buser. Thanksgiving just got over. A holiday that centers on joy, family, food, and giving thanks. Saying thank you to...

DIY: Thanksgiving

Written and Media by: Charley Phillips. The holiday season is just around the corner. It seems as soon as Halloween is over is when the...

Get Creative! D.I.Y. Ideas for Pumpkins

Article and media by Charley Phillips Fall is in full swing and many people are purchasing pumpkins for their seasonal decor. One of the best things about...

Pinterest DIY: Fall Edition

Article and media by Charley Phillips. Ahh, here it is again. One of my favorite seasons arrived as of September 22nd...fall! There is nothing more...

An Interest in Pinterest

Pinterest is hands down one of the most addicting websites/social media places as of late. There is so much someone can do while exploring around the site. Not only does it include yummy recipes, but handy DIY for all ages! I love getting creative ideas just by browsing and searching for certain topics. Because of this, I decided to venture out and create three of the popular trends I see repinned on my homepage.

Crafternoon Delight: jewelry tree

Good Crafternoon, fellow DIY-ers! If there’s one thing in this world that I love it is crafting, so I’m beyond excited to be sharing some craftiness with you all over the coming months. I love all sorts of DIY projects, but my absolute favorite ones are those that serve a purpose as well as being just plain cute. Dual purpose awesomeness…it just doesn’t get any better than that, am I right?! This month, I’m sharing with you a project I did a few months ago and it is still sitting pretty in my room today—I love it that much! This artfully decopauged jewelry tree will display all of your favorite jewels while bringing a totally eclectic vibe to your room’s décor!